25 thoughts on “Home Office Propaganda

  1. Manckie Manc

    The Atheists are in control, the country is based around the desires of
    atheists. Marxists..Globalists, Christian haters, muslim lovers, people
    that want kids taught about sex, gay sax les sex etc from the age of 5.
    They have ruined the country and wont stop…look at marx`s work. read it.
    evolution, communisim,nazisim, marxisim all come from the evolution theory.
    a hate of those that made their nations great..the destruction of morality.

  2. Hostile

    … What EXACTLY is your problem with atheists, Muslims and homosexuals?
    Describe it to me, please. As an atheist I want to understand.

  3. Hostile

    You didn’t explain anything. What do you have against Muslims? I know some
    Muslims, they’re the same as everybody else. Seems to me like you’re a
    pretty hateful guy.

  4. Manckie Manc

    Like i said if you cannot understand English then i cant help you. I know
    many people. I know Islam..Islam hates all non Muslims, history testifies
    to that as does Islamic scripture. Mohammed was not “peaceful” by any
    means. Devout Muslims and whoever you think you know obviously bear no
    comparison. Try have an idea about the subject before bringing it up. What
    kind of rock did you evolve from?

  5. travis9062856

    “Just hasnt paid their insurance or has just drped litter” Of course I want
    the police to go after such people its against the law and it is their job
    to enforce it! Its what I pay taxes for!!

  6. flashmp

    travis you are just nitpicking this time. I never said driving without
    insurance or litter droping were good, I said that it is being over
    policed. If you pay taxes so that law officers go after non-criminals then
    I think you need to re-think. And the fact that you don’t think the Home
    Office paying an ad-firm to brainwash people with TV shows is a problem
    again says more about you tan the situation.

  7. urbanimage

    Interesting video. I wonder if there was any indication given in these
    programmes that they were essentially commissioned by the government via
    this advertising company ?

  8. Jamie W

    BTP CSO’s Also carry Handcuffs. PCSO’s cannot carry Batons, CS as it
    interfears with the PCSO role and they work for the Home Office whereas
    Police Officers Swear an Oath to the Crown not the Government.

  9. rbiro77

    its not brainwashing,simply dissimination of information. Be informed,be
    active citizen…sthing like that i guess

  10. allcingeye

    I do like the police but like a lot of others feel that they are being told
    to be bullies the good police who can see what is going on are going to os
    sure they dont mind going and ruffing up some one who has beaten up an old
    lady but draw the line at doing it them self to good people and that is why
    we need to wake up the police.Come on If there chief can give them micro
    wave radios they must now some things wrong

  11. garuambulance

    They are talking about installing PCSO Staff here in N.Ireland and to be
    honest we cant see it working unless the pcso officers live in the local
    community as they will know the local trouble makers and those who break
    the law. Also the government are trying to save money paying proper wages
    to regular police officers. I bet they dont ARM pcso with guns as our
    police service are all armed

  12. flashmp

    Have they started showing those TV shows where they follow around Police
    yet? That’s how you know they’re up-to sometihng.

  13. flashmp

    I’ve not just been done for dropping litter, thanks. And as for this
    robberies not happening all the time, I don’t know what kind of place you
    live in but I live in london and that shit happens all the time. It just
    goes to show how , minor your life is that getting hit be an uninsured
    driver is remarkable. Don’t come crying when you get fined for not
    rycycleing or for using the latest politically incorrect phrase, bye.

  14. flashmp

    I’m the one manipulating people?! Ha, I’m not the one spending millions on
    PR propaganda unlike the Police and Home Office. If you think Tetra doesn’t
    harm you you’re in for a shock. I suggest you google Tetra Watch for the
    real facts. Other than that I can’t help you you seem to be another
    brainwashed state robot who believes the lies and bollocks put out by

  15. chowmein911

    fuck the home office! and fuck jacqui smith saying that “young people in
    the uk can’t wait for national ID cards” – you lying cunt!! who would want
    to be enslaved?!?!

  16. CommsEng

    You people are very confusing. When the government tries to approve a new
    way to catch up illegal immigrants like ID cards, it doesn’t make you feel
    happy and you start having doubts that you are being spied on. And when no
    action is taken to control immigration, you start blaming the government
    and doesn’t make you feel happy either!

  17. Veloce3

    Great video.I agree with you. We do need policing, but it needs to be
    appropriate, fair and focusing on the serious issues. However, society has
    become more reckless in it’s attitude towards its peers. Respect is
    probably at an all time low and as a consequence the general attitude of
    our society will drawer negativity. This happens when you see petty crime
    ensue. Litter dropping, swearing to name but a few, impact on all of us and
    CSO’s should be in a position to enforce a code of respect

  18. MrFes888

    you forgot that pagans were butcherd by the anglo saxons and the pagans
    then fled to wales,so the real britons are really all welsh,and if we dont
    do any thing about the muslim problem here in the uk in 50 years time were
    all going to be muslim

  19. mmtot

    We will use the fiat money you pay in tax funded by the sweat of your
    labour to sell you tyranny with a big smiley face.

  20. LightUpon Light


  21. Kundry

    Wow, so much verbage! Hitler got much better mileage with much less talk.
    Just have enough party members watch their neighbors and call the Gestapo
    when they suspect anything. The Gestapo takes care of everything from there.


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