25 thoughts on “Home Office Organization & Tour

  1. Del Hylton

    This is the office I picture in my dreams…I’m definitely going to paint
    my current desk, which is also an old dining table, as well as paint the
    chairs to match. I’m moving my office to my den. Thank you for the
    descriptions and the ideas for taking something blah and giving it some
    bling and charm. Great job of repurposing and improving on what you
    already own! 

  2. shan rite

    This is the most elegant office I’ve ever seen. I will definitely keep it
    in mind when I redecorate my office.

  3. Jodi Watt

    Just subscribed to your channel and looking for lots of tips and tricks in
    the future. Spend some time watching some of past tutorials and in one of
    them you suggested using Gain in your carpet shampooer…love the scent of
    Gain. My question is do you have to go back and use clear water to remove
    the Gain from your carpet.
    Thanks so much!!

  4. Elizabeth Smith

    Beautiful home office! I love your style of organization which showcases
    such beauty. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas!

  5. duncandy

    It would make more sense to put your coffee bar set up in your home office,
    and place the wine bar in the kitchen, no?

  6. kitty1819

    Nikki, did you stencil the pattern on the wall or is that wall paper? Where
    did you find the stencil or paper?

  7. Deal Soop

    Hi Nikki, I been watching your videos for about 2 months now and I have
    notice majority of your audience are women. I am here to tell you that I am
    a 22 year old male and your videos inspire me to have my home base buisness
    in order so thank you. :)

  8. Joy Cochran

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful office! I really love how polished
    and pulled together the room looks. 

  9. Randi Moretti

    You are my new favourite YouTuber. I enjoy your videos so much! You are
    humble, helpful and inspiring. 


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