25 thoughts on “Home Office & Organization Tour: My Favorite Organized Space {Collab}


    I love your office. It is so chic. I love all of white. I am so
    inspired. The stationery boxes are fabulous. And I am fascinated by
    decorative boxes! Your imprint is all over my home. Yeah – Kate Spade!!

  2. cookiemix67

    Denise, this space is so bright and cheery very conducive for creativity.
    Of course I’m going to Order me some of your goods too stinkin cute and
    practical can’t wait! I always always did I mention always look forward to
    your videos friend. You and I have several things in common….I like
    roosters, LOVE pineapples your just FABULOSA nuff said lol! Blessings.

  3. AtHomeWithNikki

    Yep, I knew it! This video was such a treat this morning! Your home is so
    light and calming. I just love it! Loving that office Denise! Now that
    is how you work! :). Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Hope your
    have a beautiful day my friend. Hugs. Nikki

  4. Keitha TheBajanTexan

    Oh wow…i remember your office loft was the first video I ever saw of you
    and I subscribed immediately…and now you are my dear friend and you have
    transitioned to a new space. My how time flies! You did an amazing job with
    this space as usual! I love the Ikea Lack shelves. Your stationery is
    wayyyy to cute to be in those boxes! where do you find these cute
    notebooks??? Can’t wait to visit your Etsy Shop….i see alot of ordering
    in my future lol

  5. HouseOfAqua

    Ahhhhhhhh! Your office is gorgeous! It is very clean, light, and airy yet
    there is so much visual interest. I bought the same desk for my daughter
    and wish I had enough space in my room for one for myself. You know I love
    your office, thanks for sharing Denise!

  6. Styled by Dana

    Denise your office is absolutely fabulous! Luv luv luv! I’m going to have
    to steal a few ideas from you. Like the EOS’s in the egg crate. How cute
    was that. I’m loving that pineapple from Keri! Loving everything. Have a
    great weekend. Smooches! 

  7. Susan Ritter

    What a beautifully organized space! I love it all! It’s just GORGEOUS!
    Thanks so much for sharing all of these great ideas!

  8. StilaKiss33

    Would you mind spelling the company that you got the acrylic drawer
    organizer from? Thought you said Beeno but can’t find the website.

  9. His And Her Money

    Denise…if I could throw a shoe at you through this computer screen, I
    would! You totally outdid yourself. Oh my gosh…this room is everything.
    It truly makes you smile. And, you have an Etsy shop coming soon…love it.
    Great job! Thanks for sharing. -Tai

  10. Beyoutyguide

    I love the way you put everything together so well, your office space is
    just amazing I would like mine to look just like that. 

  11. Tolejala Thompson

    What a happy space!!! I love anything pineapple, and the pineapple art on
    the wall is so pretty. Lovely as always, thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Dallas Duchess

    ❤️ i’d like to thank you for the #.
    You are always so supportive of others Denise , I appreciate it and I look
    forward to Instagram ❤️

  13. Kathleen Murdock Lowry

    Hi Denise I really enjoyed your video as always :-). I love all the pops of
    color against the neutral white background, it makes your room so very
    pretty & cheerful ! Tfs

  14. TheDivaSpot101

    Wow, this has to be the cutest and prettiest office space I have ever seen.
    Soo well organize, neat, and clean. I love the all white furniture with the
    pops of colors. 

  15. petranilla14

    I am just enjoying these collabs! Thanks to +AtHomeWithNikki I am finding
    so many ladies!!! be still my heart!!

  16. Melissa Stanton

    I liked that tip for using those clear drawers as stationary storage. I
    dream of having my own office like you.

  17. AllThingsPink

    I love it- everything from storage boxes to the acrylic containers to the
    stationary and office supplies! I am so inspired to organize my office
    area! Thanks for sharing!


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