25 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Window Treatment

  1. My Great Challenge

    I am back in the office! In this episode I will show you how to make flat
    panel valances using sheets from the Martha Stewart Collection. #diy
    #makeover #homeofficemakeover #marthastewart #goodthing

  2. Susan Elliott

    I think you are amazing and the office looks great. You are such an
    inspiration on so many levels.

  3. Susan Elliott

    You could always use the same material to make a curtain over your center
    cabinet below the desk. Just a suggestion

  4. Beachlovingaussie

    Love, love, love what you’ve done. The colors really tie in well like you
    said. The job overall is awesome. Your dedication has been well rewarded.
    Take care & enjoy!

  5. maria diosdado

    Everything looks good u are so good at everything !!! Can’t wait to see
    more organization or home projects !! 

  6. shannorah

    Yes, I’m loving the office series! But I also love the cleaning and the
    stairs and up stairs re-do series!

  7. thundercloud47

    Sophia, I so appreciate your channel! Your decorating skills are exactly
    what I would choose for our home…a talent, that’s a great struggle for
    me! We’ve not started anything major yet, but have gotten so many good
    ideas from you and your channel. Am so looking forward to seeing how to go
    about covering your fan blades with your fabric. Your office already looks
    so nice…thanks for sharing your accomplishments with us all! Gretchen

  8. Tessie Dobey

    I also love using sheets as curtains. I recalled back in college I used to
    use fabric shower curtains to cover my windows. Great Vlog as usual!

  9. Tanya DeMillo

    You are amazing! The office turned out great! You must be so proud to be
    able to do those projects!?

  10. Poketfullofvintage

    Pity you don’t have another sheet to make a curtain door for your storage
    room,,,that would of looked good,,

  11. Betty O

    So glad you went with sheers instead of something heavier….looks perfect
    to me. The valances are great, you are right about the gray picking up the
    blue. Please don’t do anything fussy with them, they are perfect just the
    way they are. I made my kitchen valance out of a set of 6 tea towels…I
    saw them and they just went so well with my new kitchen I thought why not?
    Love them.

  12. ShesInLosAngeles

    Sophia, I have those same sheers in my dining room and they also have that
    unfinished, rough edge finish. I think that’s just the look they were
    going for.

    Bravo to you on this project. You’re amazing! :)

  13. Barbara Von Eitzen

    Hey Sophia great job…Maybe use some strips of the header to gather the
    center of your curtains since its mostly sewn.. One other idea you can sew
    a three inch strip to make a ruffle rosette for the center strip as an way
    to break up all the squares in the room. Just a hint.Love ya

  14. Jonathan Pountney

    Looking good – somebody mentioned putting a door curtain on the cupboard
    opening, you could use the hem you cut off as the tie back for it. There
    comes a point when enough is enough, or you can overdo it – it’s like
    adding another daub of paint on a picture you’ve painted – you have to stop
    “fiddling” with it or you are likely to spoil it! Lorna UK

  15. Debra Ornouski

    I love that fabric, the yellow and gray with the blue are so classy, there
    is nothing you cannot do, you are an amazing lady!!!

  16. Juanita Gentry

    Hi Sophia,Wow! I am impressed! You give me hope that I can do things around
    the house (smile) My husband says you’re worth millions :)


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