22 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover – The Desktop

  1. My Great Challenge

    I am back in the office! In this video I will show you how I built a
    Mahogany wall – to – wall desktop for our computer stations! #diy #project
    #homeoffice #makeover

  2. Adiella Adamus

    I was so happy to see a new video in my subscription box. I get excited
    every time you upload a video.
    The bookshelves look beautiful! Especially now that there’s stuff in them;
    they look like they were always there and were built with the house. I
    can’t wait to see the finished product, but I also selfishly don’t want the
    series to end. Just an amazing job, Sophia.

  3. Ann in-DurhamUK

    Amazing work! A lot of hard work but so worth it when you see it now. Well
    done x

  4. asoutherngalslife

    Well Sophia, don’t feel bad about not getting the office done by your goal
    time. Sometimes things put a crook in our roads that we can’t help. I
    have been on my living room now for a month and a half. I had problems
    painting the ceiling, was using the wrong rollers, and my arms hurt me so
    bad, so my son had to do it the next day. Then it took more coats of paint
    on everything (3 or more coats) than what I originally thought. I thought
    only 2 coats with a paint and a primer mixed in. Boy, what was I thinking?
    And I thought I would have the living room done in one day! LOL! What a
    joke on myself. I am still doing touch ups, just got the mirror hung, just
    ordered the curtain rods and hardware, still to hang, and the quatrefoil
    design I am doing, was a pure headache!!!! One problem after another, got
    the design off alignment some how on the wall, had to repaint over most of
    it more than once, and then repaint the design. So now I am still trying
    to finish that up, I don’t have my furniture ordered at all and I still
    need a dining room table, I still need a sectional. And we have to repaint
    the hallway and touch up the bathroom. And the goal was to already be
    started on the kitchen. And after painting, is major de cluttering and
    major cleaning, then the bathroom and kitchen floors have to be replaced
    with sub flooring d/t water leaks and then we still need tiles put down.
    And all of this needs to get done by June 11th!!! Plus I work full time
    nights outside the home about 14 hours each night shift and I work 3 to 5
    days a week and I don’t have a lot of help at home. I am looking now to
    hire someone to help.

  5. asoutherngalslife

    How many coats did it take for the trim in your office especially around
    the windows???

  6. Carolyn French

    Wow!!! I looooove it. You are soooo talented and hard working. I look
    forward to seeing the remaining videos left on the project. I get so
    excited when I get the notification of a new video from you. 🙂 All your
    hard work will pay off in the end.

  7. Gloria Pitts

    Great job! I like the wood for the desk. It looks nice with white shelves,
    and the wall color. I know you, and your husband are going to enjoy working
    there, and so organized!!! All good projects take time. You have
    accomplished a lot in your home already. Not to mention taking care of your
    family! I need to get busy!!!!

  8. cosmetica529

    Wow…you are amazing and absolutely fearless! Every time you look at the
    office you should feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. When you first
    began the project I never realized all the work and carpentry you would be
    doing. I really look forward to these videos :)

  9. Susan Elliott

    OMG!!! It is beautiful, I love your work and it is well worth the wait.
    You are looking great, the weight loss is really showing. Great job.

  10. Jonathan Pountney

    Been looking forward to seeing some more of your office project – it is
    really looking very professional – love it. I take my hat of to you, you
    are one amazing lady! The end is in sight. Went in our loft today (that’s a
    project and a half!) and thought “how would Sophia tackle this” lol. Lorna

  11. Donna Smith

    You are definitely a pro! The whole office is turning out beautiful. Your
    husband is a very fortunate man!

  12. Megan Kitcher

    Absolutely love it! You’ve done such a great job and get excited every time
    I see you’ve uploaded another office video! Woop can’t wait to see the
    finished project x x x

  13. Terry d

    Shelves are awesome! Looking great. Love the desk, can’t wait to see it
    all done. You’ve done a fabulous job! :)

  14. Alice Moya

    Hello Sophia. Your office looks Beauitful.. Your hard wok really show
    s..love your videos.


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