24 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Painting 1

  1. My Great Challenge

    Let the fun part begin! I am finally painting the office after 2 weeks
    worth of decluttering and reorganizing! In this episode, Scott and I paint
    the wall a beautiful shade of blue. #behrpaint #painting #makeover #happy

  2. Adiella Adamus

    This is very irrelevant to the video, but I’m having a bad couple of days.
    One of the issues being that someone broke into my car and tried to hot
    wire it and steal it. I just want you to know that your videos always relax
    me and motivate me to keep going. Your sense of humor brightens my day and
    I’m just glad that I found your channel. Thank you for sharing your great
    challenge with us.

  3. beatriz rojas

    Sophia I love how the office is coming together love the color is calming
    relaxing color, you do such an amazing job at everything you do. Am glad I
    found your channel very inspiring and you are talented at what u do keep up
    the great job can’t wait to see the next video

  4. jeff RAPER

    OK You “crazy couple” You’ve got me actually switching between tabs
    comparing blues! I pulled up Superman Christopher Reeve and compared!
    Scott is sort of right. But Sophia is right too!! I think there is a great
    similarity but I think it’s a little more periwinkle especially when it
    dries!! There, that’s my say in it! LOL !! 😉 Looking good!! Luella

  5. Maryann Anderson

    Superman blue? Nope. Periwinkle blue? Nope. It’s BEAUTIFUL blue. Your
    office is going to look great with this color on the walls. 

  6. Tracy Reinhardt

    Sophia – I really like the color, you’re right its sort of a med.
    cornflower / hyacinth blue…. (lighter then superman blue and a bit less
    purple I think … just sayin’…. ) I’ll tell you, I painted my
    bedroom a medium tealish aqua color (with shear curtains in the same color)
    and the light from blue colors and the sun feeding through the panels is
    great. It’s relaxing and always seems cooler the summer to me…. i
    think it’s a great color for an office because there will always be a
    relaxing vibe from the blue light…

  7. RedD Dragon

    I LOVE it. It is a happy color. Don’t underestimate a husband with a
    playful sense of humor. What a pleasure it will be when you are done and
    you can go into your office and work.

  8. Cathie Cardow

    Looking good Sophia, fun video with all of you. Lovely colour of blue, so
    nice once it dried, the white woodwork will pop against the blue, it will
    be so fresh, it looks like cornflower blue to me. Happy Birthday William

  9. Jonathan Pountney

    I like the theme of white and the blue colour you have chosen, definitely
    fresh looking. Scott’s artwork would go really well in the room. I agree
    with the person who said they find your videos relaxing. My 14 year old
    would also have put the paint where it wasn’t wanted, we both had a laugh
    when we saw Edward do exactly what my lad would have done! Lorna UK

  10. NewEnglandLife 22

    First , Happy Birthday , William ! Hope you’re having a great day !
    Love the color ! A happy color !
    Great job painting , I don’t use painter’s tape either . Can’t wait to see
    the room finished ! All your efforts are paying off !
    Yes, it’s a balmy 5 degrees here plus the wind factor = I can’t feel my
    toes ! We have about 5 – 6 ‘ of snow and expecting more tomorrow : (
    Thanks for sharing !
    XX’s Bets

  11. Julia Meares

    I love blue the best! SO Beautiful! It is about to snow in NC so I won’t
    make it to the Paint store but I am done sanding.(I am doing an office and
    guest bedroom so I am done with both rooms except for painting.) Loved it!
    I’ll catch back up after the snow. I have no shelving to redo so I am going
    to paint my hallway and laundry room while you hang shelving. You and your
    husband are hilarious!

  12. Crystal Tracey

    “S” Haha, Scott is a nut & so funny!! 🙂 He went to find that Red Towel
    for his Cape!
    Suggestion; before you put the bookcase up, take a picture of Scott with
    the Red Towel and his arms stretched up like he is flying! Lol 🙂
    I love the blue, and yes it does set a happier mood for the room! 🙂
    That hubby of yours balances you out! You are serious, and he is a nut! He
    does everything to make you laugh, and make you happy! 🙂

  13. Jazzy Babe

    what a lovely family you have!! ♥ I was a little hesitant about blue – in
    Canada because of the length of our winters, I find it to be a cold colour
    – but there is no denying how relaxing the colour is….which is perfect
    for a work space! so thumbs up from me at least…..well done!

  14. Yvonne B

    My sons have that on two of the walls in their bedroom, not the same
    manufacturer but the same color, I love it. Scott is so happy and he makes
    me laugh. You are doing great x

  15. Julie Williams

    Once again Sophia your doing a great job , l would definitely call that
    paint coulour cornflower blue it’s going to look fab with the White , thank
    you so much for sharing, love your channel and you are fab xx

  16. Emily Kiesling

    Hi Sophia. I do like the color of the room, it looks nice, it has a warm
    feeling to it. good choice in the color! I know it’s going to look awesome
    when you are all done with it. Love love love those hardwood floors. 

  17. Donna Galvan

    When you paint that trim white, paint that brown switch white, and the door
    white too. If you want to add a little pizzazz to the door, go to good will
    or dollar tree get some nice size picture frames paint them white take wood
    glue and glue them underneath each other on the door it will make it look
    like you have crown molding on your door, if you do three, that should be
    enough to dress up the door, and done cheap.. great job..

  18. kerismith24

    Yay William and I share the same birthday! Happy Birthday little guy! I
    hope you had a wonderful day and a great year to come. Sophia I love the
    color you chose! Very nice shade of blue!

  19. my2jedi

    The husband declares it Superman blue, and the son comes in wishing it was
    green – the color of Kryptonite! I am sorry to create more controversy, but
    in the evening light at the end of the video, it is what we call Star Wars
    blue! Lol! No matter what you call it, it’s gorgeous. Your family is SO
    funny. Happy Birthday to your little one!


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