7 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 108)

  1. Grace Lee

    Good job guys! The wire organization was a very good idea as I wouldn’t
    want my cat to get a electric shock or burn by a scratched or chewed

  2. Dee Mears

    2 days left to find a new home for new beginnings 🙂 We are hoping to
    implement a similar kitty friendly office design and busy planning the
    final details in the meantime. 

  3. JessieT78

    For someone on a budget (me) it would be good to know how much a room
    costs! It’s nice to have the idea but also know how to prepare for it

  4. kathyinFL1

    This one was pricey… Those cabinets are great, but very expensiive (for
    Ikea). It would be nice if they gave you a total, like you said JessieT78


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