25 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Declutter I

  1. My Great Challenge

    I have started to declutter my home office, this is part I where I tackle
    one corner of the room. Lots to sort through, mostly junk though. Hope you
    like it! #clutter #organization #cleaning

  2. Lisa Quinn

    Good Idea!!!Sell all those maps. you don’t really need them. Remember, if
    you don’t love it or use it…..toss it!!:)

  3. bekayezme

    I found your channel last night and am enjoying your office declutter. It’s
    so nice to know other people struggle with junk, too. I would be the same
    way..a hoarder…if I shut down, too. I can relate to what you are saying.
    Thanks for the videos. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. scrapper900

    We perhaps were separated at birth. 2014 and 2015 are the years of purging
    for me. I too have more pens and pencils than the local office supply
    store. I am just sick of stuff. 30 years of stuff. I want to cut
    everything in my house down and possibly in half. We want to start looking
    for a new home and I will not move this “stuff” into the new house. Loved
    your video and your honesty. God bless.

  5. Jennifer Hodge

    Sophia-you motivate me in so many ways. We started Weight Watchers because
    of your Christmas Vlogs and you showed us how you count points. Now you
    are motivating us to De-clutter in the new year! Thank you and keep going!

  6. Barbara Von Eitzen

    I just rewatched the tour of the office and there is no door on the
    closet.Guess I need to look and listen more carefully to you.Hey I’m quick
    to try to help. I’m a mom and grandma so I’ve had lots of practice being
    resident know it all..

  7. Jonathan Pountney

    Wow you accomplished an awful lot, the getting started is the problem, the
    doing isn’t too bad! It really is like watching our life style and I’m fed
    up with it too, I know exactly where you are coming from (inheriting
    stuff). We’re slowly getting there The amount of times we have said “we
    know we’ve got …..” but can’t find and then go out and buy more of
    whatever. Once you have got this done you will feel better, this job loss
    will enable you to get on top of things so when you start looking again you
    will have a very organised house!! Total admiration for you. Lorna UK

  8. BohistaNordica

    It would be interesting if you would talk about the issue of simply not
    having the time to do all this organizing when you are
    working/parenting/busy. Do you think if you were a stay-at-home mom you
    would not have let this happen? Thanks. Jenny

  9. Susan Elliott

    You are such an inspiration. It is so nice to see someone so real actually
    go thru the whole process, step by step. I love the fact that you stopped
    in the middle and went thru the pens. That is the type of thing that I do
    and sometimes gets me distracted. It is nice to hear that I am not the
    only one that has to wait and buy each item as funds are available. Keep up
    the great work, you are an amazing person and a true inspiration. Can’t
    wait to see what color you choose, I have such a hard time picking paint

  10. Trinas Bag

    Sophia! I’m loving this series, and it’s so interesting seeing all of your
    bits and pieces. I noticed a Larousse Dictionary – I had a Larousse French
    Dictionary that I purchased in France when I was at school doing my French
    exams 🙂 I also noticed your father’s saxophone mouthpiece – my father
    plays the sax too 🙂
    I believe organisation is an ongoing process and it evolves as we grow and
    change, so I’m always having a tidy up and purging things on a monthly
    basis, that way hopefully I won’t have to deal with such a mammoth task.
    You’re doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to see future videos and of
    course the final reveal 🙂 Katrina xXx

  11. Kevin Miller

    Hi Sophia. You hit the mark several times with your comments. Being
    disorganized leads to clutter (pens/pencils/paper as an example). You are
    doing a great job. I wonder if you would consider utilizing fan funding on
    your channel. I for one would love to give you a tip so you could use it
    towards your project. You are such an inspiration. We had a family reunion
    at our house last July and hubby and I went through and decluttered,
    painted and organized every room in our house and the work shed out back.
    Once it’s done, it feels so good. Proud to say we’ve kept it organized.
    You are getting there and we can’t wait to see your vision take shape.
    Blessings to you and your family! 🙂 The Mrs.

  12. samantha hemingway

    Sophia, I was intrigued with the map of Algeria, were your parents ‘Pieds
    noirs’ over there? quite an unusual map to have? I love what you’re doing
    with this study, and you’re freaking me out, because as soon as the weather
    gets better in London, that’s exactly what I need to tackle including our
    garage. It’s time to sell, donate, trash and give away, so I am making
    notes so I can decide on what to purchase in terms of storage solutions, I
    need so much inspiration and I am watching your videos with great
    interest. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to see Scott’s face when it’s all
    done and everything has a place, it’s going to be just beautiful and I love
    the idea of the frosted film you’re going to put on the window. Courage a

  13. Organize and Simplify

    Sophia, I loved this video, I was so excited to see it in my subscriptions.
    You’re by far my favourite channel to watch on YouTube. Your attitude and
    hard work are so encouraging to watch. Can’t wait for more videos on this
    but I’ll be patient of course, I realize it’s a long process and on top of
    that having to edit the videos too! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  14. Kathleen Sauer

    Hi Sophia! Yes! “Only keep what you NEED ,USE or LOVE!” I have also tried
    to keep that in mind as well. Your decluttering is extremely encouraging &
    inspirational! You are so real & that down to earth quality makes you so
    appealing to wAtch! GO SOPHIA GO!!

  15. c schaan

    Its too bad u cant pare down enough to put everything in the closet and
    have the walls bare .. It would really open up the room ( and save on

  16. MyHomeMatters

    I often think myself when I find duplicates, etc of things that it is such
    a money drain, I say geez, I wish I had all the money I spend on that
    stuff I really didn’t need ! Try to keep a list/inventory of supplies you
    have so when kids, hubby etc say they need glue, pens, paper etc you can
    review list first to see if you have it. I don’t remember if I have 5 glue
    sticks..lol but a reference list helps, then you are not buying more! Way
    to go Sophia !

  17. jeff RAPER

    Sophia, I recently stopped working at the local library. Before you buy
    the books you mentioned, you might want to search your local library’s
    catalog( most can be found online!) . I’ve found that novels that I usually
    read once can be found at the library!! That way you get to read it and
    don’t have the “clutter” of too many books to have to store. Also, you
    still have that $ that you can spend on a book you really want to keep!!
    You’re doing such a great job at decluttering your office, can’t wait to
    see the result! Luella

  18. New England Life

    Awesome job , Sophia !
    Thanks for the inspiration , as always !
    May I suggest you donate some of the extras to schools ?
    XX’s Bets

  19. Pamala Meyer

    I have been going through a similar purging process lately. I went through
    bags and bags of clothing that my son and I had, some that were never worn
    or too small, or too big. Finally got that all knocked out so now I am
    concentrating on my office area. I have been purging it for about three
    days now. I did the same with my cosmetics and bathroom supplies. Next,
    after I finish my office, will be my books. lol You are doing great! Keep
    up the good work and film on, I like watching someone else work for a
    change of pace, lol.

  20. Yvette Miguez

    It’s crazy how much we accumulate without realizing. Some people obsess
    over name brands and others of us just love our pretty office
    supplies….now that you have an inventory you will begin to feel so much
    better. I went through the same process…it’s worth it and encouraging to
    watch – keep up the good work!

  21. Julia Meares

    you don’t know how many pens and pencils I gathered and gave to our
    grandson’s school. They needed them so badly. Now we have less than 50
    total. I went through and made new files (bought a sale item of a
    roll-around file shelve with four drawers). It houses only writing pads,
    printer paper, envelopes and folders for mailing. Keep going Sophia! We are
    working our challenges as we watch!! Great Challenge is what I call it now!
    Family loves it and we love you for it~inspirational:)

  22. Yvonne B

    I am searching for a filing cabinet, but it has to be a good price as my
    money has just gone on new sofas for my living room, at the moment I am
    using a plastic box, manilla files look great. Really enjoying this video

  23. Crystal Tracey

    I have to admit that I have just as much stuff to get rid of, and
    When we get lazy and are not mindful, we end up having to walk through a
    maze of clutter that just is stacked in piles. It sucks my energy living
    amongst it all 🙁
    I am not going to wait for spring cleaning time, when you state thinking…
    I’ll buy another house just to leave the clutter behind. LOL

  24. makeuploverusa

    Hi Sophia! I just found your channel and I’m so happy I did! You have a
    wonderful channel and I’ve been watching your organizational videos and
    this one of your home office is awesome. You’re inspiring me to tackle
    projects that I’ve been ignoring in my own home. I enjoyed seeing how you
    went through that part of the room with such determination. Awesome video!
    Hugs. Sandra.


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