25 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Declutter 6 + Wall Prep

  1. My Great Challenge

    I am back with another episode in my Home Office Makeover series. In this
    video, the hubby and I finish taking all the shelves down and I spackle and
    prep the walls for painting! The decluttering is officilally over! #cleaning
    #organizing #diy #hoarder #makeover

  2. Jazzy Babe

    Your hubby is a hoot! ^_^ great entertainment value – love your DIYing
    and love his seeming irreverence during the process…LOL

  3. Tammy Pluskett

    I would remove the carpet first due to all of the sanding dust and the
    grime and dust that is always under an old carpet. If you paint first
    you’ll feasibly need to let the walls cure for at least a week

  4. Yvonne B

    Its getting there so exciting. I would use the carpet to catch the possible
    paint spots.
    You two are so funny now that is a marriage I would have loved to have. xx

  5. brightpurpleviking

    The hubby’s sentimental buckets is exactly why I try to declutter right
    after the stage or phase is over so I don’t get super sentimental with an
    item that has hung around for far too long. Like my box of stuffed animals
    from when I was a child…had I gotten rid of them at 17 or 18 it would’ve
    been easy!!

  6. MyCoupdecoeur

    good job sophia,,, it looks so much better and bigger,,BTW your husband is
    sooo funny bless your little family my dear,,xoxo

  7. Betty O

    I like the look of crisp white built ins and moldings against blue…very
    clean, crisp and bright. Staining would be cozy but it would feel heavy
    and closed in, imo. Go ahead and remove the carpeting now Sophia….you
    absolutely hate it as you have said, time to say bye bye to it. Why keep
    it around to depress you every time you walk in to do more work. You will
    be so happy when it is on the curb!! XOXO you are doing a great job.

  8. Julia Meares

    LOL! I love your kids! I have an eleven year old grandson so I know this
    age group!!! They are oblivious to their surroundings when with adults. I
    finished doing the organizing today. I cleaned the closet and hall doors
    too. I will paint them tomorrow. Only one wall to spackle so I will do it
    tomorrow also. I am fighting to keep up aas I just began few days go.I did
    the files about a month ago and cleared most of the clutter to our guest
    bedroom. I had 5 bags of charcoal unopened in my office!????? What??? weird
    stuff I am finding. Loved this video. YOur family rotates around you but
    you try to guide them. It is hilarioussss!(slow down so I can catch up~)

  9. kerismith24

    Sophia Ive seen in other videos you have an Emmy at your house. when Scott
    held up the letter today it has the Emmy logo on it and kinda confirmed
    it. What an accomplishment! What did he get it for if you don’t mind me
    asking? I’m excited to see how you get the office to be a workable space
    for both of you. I need help in that department too. Keep up the great
    work! I absolutely LOVE your channel!

  10. Donna Galvan

    Looking forward to seeing the finished project…paint first that way you
    can move your husbands desk, but cut up the carpet before you move is so
    then you can just pull it up…

  11. PointingTheWeigh

    You are both SOOO funny! I am watching this at 12.06am and I am laughing so
    loud at you both, and that husband of yours….LOL LOL
    I also liked the way your hubby loaded your arms up with the boxes from his
    Men are seriously like big kids!! I have one just like yours right
    here…BAH! 🙂
    Whenever I want to get things done, I start cracking the whip to get my
    husband shifted to sort his things out and he always tells me that if I had
    a business he would NEVER work for me!
    Have to ask, how do you have so much energy all the time??
    Love your video’s!!
    Linda (UK)

  12. Pamala Meyer

    YAY!! I have been waiting…lol somewhat impatiently. Is it weird that your
    office makeover is like Days Of Our Lives for me. Maybe I am losing my mind
    but I love watching the process. That, and knowing I am not the only one
    going through it.

  13. Hayde Moreno

    LOL……I thought I was the only one with silly boys and hubby. Why is it
    that they seem to act more silly when it is time to do some work around the
    house……and they are always content with the way the rooms are and never
    want to make any changes. Which makes me think…..why do we always want to
    redo things….oh yeah….because at the end of the day we are the ones
    cleaning up!! Lol……all kidding aside, I can imagine how tired you are
    but your doing a great job. YOU’RE ALMOST THERE!!!

  14. Cindy M

    I just looked at the Behr color on the internet. They had several other
    samples of paint that went well with the color you selected. There was a
    very light gray called “River Veil” that might look good for your
    bookcases. They also had “Balsam” which is a bright green. Or “Free
    Spirit” which is a minty green. I also seen a color called “Honey Mist” a
    light yellow that would look very pretty with the blue.

  15. CutTheFat

    I say the same thing in every video, but I adore your family! You all have
    such wonderful personalities! And I knew what William was playing – I love
    playing games. LOL 

  16. Lisa Quinn

    Just paint first…..this way any mistakes can just spill on to the carpet.
    Plus, you won’t have to worry about moving your husbands desk. At least for

  17. Count Von Trotsky

    Omg I’m dying! Five minutes in and your husbands trash can of computer
    paraphernalia is JUST LIKE MINE. I worked as a motion graphics designer for
    broadcast TV. I even have the AC adapter for our mini-DV that has tapes I
    haven’t transferred! Ah hahaha. Don’t be harsh on him Sophia! 

  18. Terry d

    Loved this vid with you and Scott. You guys are hilarious. I always have
    to fill a bin full of computer stuff and drag it right in front of the
    hubby to go through. At least Scott is in there helping. Can’t wait to
    see the paint. It’s going to be beautiful when you guys get done with it.
    I’d keep the carpet on the floor until you’re done painting if you’re going
    to rip it out. It’ll protect the floors until you’re done. Wish I had
    hard wood under mine, but I’ll have to keep something on it until I can get
    the floor redone in there.

  19. Jonathan Pountney

    We will usually pull or cut the carpet away from the skirting boards so as
    they can be glossed, but leave the main area down to catch any drips
    (taking shoes off when going out of the room!). You don’t what to damage
    the wooden floor underneath – it doesn’t matter how careful a painter you
    are, there will always be some that goes where it’s not meant too!! You are
    nearly there keep going, don’t worry about the quest room, it will be
    sorted out soon. Every single room usually gets affected when you are doing
    a project like this. Lorna UK

  20. Crystal Tracey

    Whew, I’m tired just watching all the declutter & prep work!
    And I thought, before this project, that your staircase makeover was a ton
    of work! AndI know it was! Lol
    Your attention to details always yields a successful end project!


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