25 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Declutter 3

  1. My Great Challenge

    In this 3rd declutter video, I am going through another set of shelves and
    struggling to understand where all the stuff came from. Making progress on
    my home office makeover. #cleaning #organized #clean #junk #hoarder

  2. my2jedi

    Maybe we should start calling you Sophia the Brave! Your energy and focus
    continue to inspire me. I would have been afraid to open those binders,
    much less sort through them. We do tend to keep things that seem to make
    sense at the time, only to find out later that we had only made more work
    for ourselves back then and again now that we are reorganizing. You are not
    alone! My husband wishes you would stop these projects, though, because the
    more you do the more I do! Lol!

  3. Squirl

    I am really enjoying these videos Sophia. You are doing such an amazing
    job and the difference already is so dramatic. It can’t be easy for you
    but I am willing to bet that it will give you a feeling of freedom when it
    is done. I am also tackling a room that I have been afraid to touch for
    years. I won’t be doing any redecorating so my while my approach is very
    similar to yours I am doing one thing differently. I drew out a map of the
    closet, drawers and shelves in the room and allocated where everything is
    going to go and as I declutter I am making sure that I am not exceeding the
    space that I have allocated to that type of item. In many cases I am
    having to decide which of like items I want to keep more. For example If I
    had allocated space for two pillows and I find I have four, I then have to
    decide which two I am going to get rid of in order to fit the allocated
    space. BTW, I am also currently unemployed and am using this time to do
    things that will help to make my life easier and happier in the future.
    Love your videos and anxiously await new ones. <3

  4. Beverley Cheshire

    Hi Sophia. Just want to say THANK YOU so much for putting yourself out
    there and inspiring others, myself included. I am sitting in our spare
    room/office and looking around and thinking how much I need to do what
    you’re doing right now. You’ve inspired me to DECLUTTER! <3 your videos.

  5. Kathleen Sauer

    Hi Sophia! I put well loved recipes in those plastic sleeves. Then if they
    get spattered upon while in use they can be wiped off & preserved

  6. queenbee063

    Power through, you are so dedicated. I did this to my whole house when we
    moved 2 yrs. ago, and have kept up all of my organization practices to
    date. My life is just so care free and soon yours will be also. Keep up the
    hard work!!!! You are inspiring others. Xo Melissa 

  7. Pamala Meyer

    Your son is adorable. I have an eight year old. He’s my little sweetie. He
    made me a list like that for his birthday too. I do like this kind of video
    basically because it is very motivating. Also, it is nice to know that I’m
    not the only person who who has been living like this for way too long.

  8. Organize and Simplify

    I love these videos so much! You’re great to watch, Sophia, you’re so
    inspiring. It’s already looking so great. And you’ve been uploading so

  9. jeff RAPER

    WOW!! You’ve made such great progress! You are really a determined lady
    when you decide to do something! I’m not, but you are really inspiring me
    to get up, move and get my own mess organized!! Thank You, Luella ps
    All those neat little storage boxes, could you actually still use the
    container that they were originally on to organize the little ones
    vertically on your new desk?

  10. Renie Handler

    I LOVE how you’re so REAL!!! Your videos are very helpful and I’m anxious
    to see the final reveal of your new office will look. Also….I think it’s
    so cute how you say “thing”. Your accent is adorable!!! xo

  11. gwen beasley

    I admire you so much. Where does your energy come from. I have been
    living exactly like that for 33 years and my husband is a pack rat.
    However, this year–I must do the same. Its just getting started. Mean
    while, I will keep watching, the more I watch, the more motivated I feel.

  12. Jeannette G

    Hi Sophia! I did the exact same thing with binders for home décor that I
    cut out of magazines for years!!! I just threw them out a few months ago
    and felt so guilty for wasting 3 binders full of out of date pictures and
    sleeves. I can so relate to this.. I am currently using up all my
    scrapbook supplies and not allowing myself to buy paper or embellishments
    until everything is gone. I have to use my imagination more now!lol Plus I
    can watch u-tube scrappers for ideas!! I can’t tell you how much I
    understand all that you are saying. take care – jeannette

  13. Debbie Lee

    I know what you mean about your “binder” fodder. I did the same thing with
    my “recipe” collections…..I had so many binders with recipes that I just
    knew I was going to use and guess what??? I think I have referred to them
    maybe 10 times in 6 years!! Needless to say I put them up for sale in our
    “garage sale” last summer and some lady bought all of them for 30$. I don’t
    know why I kept them. Probably just out of habit. Anyway, it felt great to
    be rid of them………. ; )

  14. ArtJourneyUK

    Flicking through the scrapbooking inspiration binder (or a scrapbooking
    magazine) is akin to reading a book; it’s a different feel to looking at
    layouts on the computer just like reading a book is different to reading on
    a kindle. As a book lover yourself, I’m sure you get my point. 

  15. Kim Nusser

    Sophia, you are doing great! Trust me, you’re not the only one with these
    issues. I have to confess, the same has happened to me too. So i’m happy to
    see you make choises, having doubts and making deas with yourself. Seeing
    you having the same struggles puts my own mess and clutter in propective;
    no matter where in the wealthy parts of this world, we all seem to have the
    same problems. Thanks for giving me the courage to tackle some of my own
    worry zones and for giving me hope that I can do this. Get this job done
    and make yourself proud!

  16. Yvonne B

    I am decluttering my whole home including the home office part and I keep
    finding myself sort of having a discussion with myself (silently of course)
    as to why I should keep something or if I should keep it lol xx

  17. Lindi1028

    Sophia, You are doing a great job and have me thinking about reorganizing
    everything! I think those plastic binder sleeves reproduce when we
    aren’t looking. I remember purchasing one box of them and recently found
    another box. The crazy part is what I planned on doing with them. I have
    some digital ‘how to’ products that are stored on my computer in bright,
    beautiful color. Yet I somehow thought it would be brilliant to print out
    the various books, put them in plastic covers, and then put them in bright,
    colorful binders. What is wrong with me? ) Linda

  18. Cathie Cardow

    You’re doing great Sophia, I was so glad to see you get through all that
    paperwork, it looks like you’re on the home run with the clear out, You’re
    such a hard worker, I was wondering if you actually enjoy the decorating
    side of things, or it just has to be done. You must be shattered at times.
    Take care. Your “little guy” was so sweet with his circled things on a very
    long list. Thank you again x

  19. Maryann Anderson

    Okay, when you were debating whether to keep the inspirational binders I
    was once again yelling “Keep them!” I am all for decluttering but I also
    am in favor of keeping some stuff just because you enjoy looking back
    through them or because of the sentimental value attached to a particular
    item. I am very pleased that for the past 45 years or so I have kept a box
    of letters from soldiers in Vietnam. Dear Abby ran an article just before
    Christmas of 1968, and she listed hundreds of addresses of soldiers, most
    of whom were in Vietnam and she asked if anyone would be willing to send
    them Christmas cards letting them know we were thinking of them and wishing
    them well. I sent probably 50 cards that Christmas of 1968 to soldiers and
    I got probably 35 cards or letters in return. Every time I would hear from
    one of the guys I would promptly answer that letter and gradually over the
    years they all stopped writing. I don’t know if some of them were killed
    or not but I certainly would prefer to believe that they all just came back
    stateside and were having such a busy life that the girl in Nashville was
    forgotten, and I’m fine if that was the case. Anyhow, I kept every letter
    I received (even through 31 years of marriage because I had showed them to
    my husband, who was retired Navy and who himself had seen three tours in
    Vietnam. and he told me by all means to keep them) and my plan is to make a
    smash book of them real soon. I am delighted that I did not decide it was
    too much effort to move them the 20 or so times I have moved since I
    received them. To me they are solid gold! I am really looking forward to
    going through them and organizing them into a book. 

  20. duncandy

    Hi Sophia, it’s me again, here to cheer you on and give you two thumbs up
    for another inspiring vlog. At 18:20, you mentioned that there was some
    semblance of organizational systems at one point in time, and I’m glad you
    recognized and acknowledged that. I was going to write that as part of my
    comment, but you literally took the words from my mouth! I think it’s
    important to come to that realization and see you really have it in you to
    be organized again, instead of organized chaos. Also, it goes without
    saying but I’ll say it: yes, it did cost money to purchase those items, it
    might seem like a waste in retrospect, but don’t get too hard on yourself.
    Pinterest was created relatively recently, far long after scrapbooking was
    “in”. I do remember the Sandy Lion name (LOL). So it is a trip down
    memory lane of sorts, to remember how life used to be, what your interests
    were, and the fact that you did document it in those ways. If you decide
    to sell your camera, I thought it would be a cool thing to take a pic of it
    first, have it matted and framed, and placed in your new office space. The
    memory will capture (so to speak) your path and new journey. Lastly, you
    and Scott are creative types. I notice the pattern with creative people
    that they need to spread out their work in order to be productive because
    everything’s right in front of them and not spending the time searching.
    It seems fine at first, but then the very habit ends up stifling the
    creativity and they move to another area in the home. This, too, has been
    my downfall and reason why my house is unorganized. I don’t know if that
    makes sense, but it can’t be a coincidence that it happened with you as
    well. Please do me a favour and visit Davids Tea website, browse through
    the flavours and let me know which ones you’d like to try. I will send you
    the samples of the ones I have so that you can take those well-deserved tea
    breaks! xoxo

  21. Spanky Cola

    I love these types of videos. You are very inspiring and kid you not I
    think we could be sisters. I have the same issue with holding on to things
    and having duplicates. Watching this helps me to think about why am I
    holding onto things, So thank you

  22. Barbara Von Eitzen

    Just a thought ,maybe you could use the container box that held all those
    little boxes by attacking it to a wall, then put the boxes back in with
    labels on top.of each one.Velcro or command strips are what I saw others
    use for this .Or maybe build small shelves like you did in the kitchen.You
    are doing a great job.

  23. ShesInLosAngeles

    @ 24:41 I think I hear a lawn mower then I remember you said you had many
    feet of snow… so it must be a snow blower? As a So California gal it’s
    funny what you hear and assume. Keep it up Sofia! You’re doing great (and
    I’m exhausted watching you) :)


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