25 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Carpet Removal

  1. Julia Meares

    We had a water leak one time-we had to take up the carpet and rebuild the
    floors below. (my guy was a builder now an inspector). He put down the lock
    together wood and it is georgeous! (no nails excepts the trim that sits on
    top. I sweep and mop and that is it! We have eight grandkids and spills no
    longer make me cringe. I love it! (no problems with allergies either) Going
    to do the rest of the house but it is expensive so one room at a time….

  2. Enisa Buljubasic

    Your doing great. I am so impressed you are very handy. I can’t wait to see
    more. Oh and yes your the new coke on the block so addicting. 

  3. Amy Howell

    Hi Sophia. I had to laugh. I was cringing. And then you say it’s OK don’t
    cringe LOL. I love Love the wood floors. When you pulled the carpet back i
    was so excited for you. It is going to be fabulous when it’s all finished.

  4. kjdscorpio

    Sophia you are a trooper. I would remove the paint with magic eraser it
    will work pretty easy. I have been loving the process and can’t wait until
    the finished project. Before I got on disability that is how I did things,
    by myself to make sure it was done right lol. Now hubby has to do it he
    just painted our family room that was a thick paneling and fireplace and he
    took his time and it’s beautiful so I can’t complain, but we are having
    professionals remove the carpeting and replacing it with carpeting again
    even though I would prefer bamboo or vinyl flooring that looks like wood
    but you wants to be able to sit on the floor if need be I just shake my
    head not getting my way on this one 🙁 

  5. Cathie C

    Oh my goodness! I feel for you, that was hard work and yes I was cringing
    with that knife and I noticed you just couldn’t stand to keep those gloves
    on, I loved the bracket idea, they do say necessity is the mother of
    invention. You’re doing such a fabulous job and it’s getting exciting now
    the end is in sight, you are one very capable lady, a great pat on the back
    from me for getting that job done

  6. Jenny Beaulac Kinder

    You needed a sharper knife. Did you look to see if you have replacement
    blades inside the box cutter itself? xoj

  7. Debra Ornouski

    Wow!! I thought the carpet was going to win for a second but you did it.
    Good going, it is looking great!!! 

  8. Trace Gates

    YAY GOODBYE CARPET!!! I completely agree with your carpet philosophy. I
    removed the carpet as soon as I could when I moved in here with my
    husband. I would live on a bare ugly underfloor if I had to instead
    of carpet. ick! Thankfully, both you and I have nice hardwood underneath.
    I did not care what condition it was in, and we did find a few unattractive
    spots, but the carpeting was horrid. Congrats on your easy to remove tack
    strips.. mine were atrocious to get out!

    It is so funny when you said ‘Don’t cringe, I’m not going to hurt
    myself.” I WAS cringing. :))

  9. ShesInLosAngeles

    Hi Sophia! Our home was built in 1925 and my husband refinished all the
    hardwood floors. They are beautiful. He said to try mineral spirits
    before trying paint thinner on those paint stains. Otherwise, paint thinner
    it is. You are the bomb!!!! :)

  10. Leigh Hanham

    You’re doing a fantastic job, Sophia! I’m loving every minute of your
    videos. I feel the same way about carpet – filthy stuff! Baby powder
    sprinkled between the boards that squeak will stop the squeak. 

  11. Katie Donaldson

    Who would ever cover hard wood floor with carpet? And it you did why would
    you put holes in it huuu? Keep up the good work xx

  12. Melanie Fox

    Hi Sophia, you can use wood filler on the edges of your floor. It’s pretty
    cool you can find wood fillers of all different colors now to match your
    floor and those holes won’t show at all.

  13. Yvonne B

    Loving this series 😉 You are working well its looking lovely. My house
    was built in the 1920’s however downstairs it has a stone floor and
    upstairs is floorboards, I would love a wooden floor but thats in the
    future. Yours is looking lovely. xx

  14. jeff RAPER

    Sophia, For the nail holes, they make a wood putty sticks. Sort of look
    like a fat Crayon. You can buy them in different wood colors. My Dad was a
    carpenter and cabinet maker and he used them for the little finishing nail
    holes. I hope that helps! You are one hard working lady !! Luella

  15. betty bernier

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I recommend using Goof Off Spray to remove paint
    splatter off the floor. Available at hardware and paint stores. Love
    watching how you do projects and looking forward to seeing the paint

  16. Maryann Anderson

    What a job! Did you feel me helping you? You said that you were so
    frustrated you were cursing like a sailor…I was married to a sailor for
    over 30 years and there are not many words I have not heard so I was
    filling in the blanks with words you could not say on camera. I absolutely
    laughed till I cried watching this. My husband and I did most projects
    like this ourselves instead of paying someone else to do it so I certainly
    understand how frustrating it can be. But at least it’s done now!

  17. Jazzy Babe

    on one of the fans we had in our livingroom we simply turned them upside
    down…got rid of the stupid gold lines….so we don’t have to see
    “abstract art” circles as it turns…LOL love the idea of the palm
    leaves…with the blue walls it will look kind of beachy in there…

  18. Donna Galvan

    You work so hard, I feel bad that it seems like you never get a break, it
    is nice though that you can work at your own pace.. Take it easy, Sophia,
    don’t want to see you get sick…

  19. Debbie Lee

    I know……you are so right!! Carpeting is so filthy. It is much more
    expensive at first to get Wood Flooring installed but it lasts forever and
    even grows more beautiful with time (patina). Carpeting on the other hand
    ages so badly, traps disgusting germs from your families shoes, and it just
    ends up smelling…..It is so disgusting!! When a person has wood floors
    and you walk into their home there is just a whole other ambience about it.
    Plus it just smells so nice. I’m with you……wood is the way to go. I
    just loooooved this video. You are SO INSPIRING!! You work so hard and just
    get such fabulous results. Plus the fact that your hubby is soooo funny
    doesn’t hurt either. Some of the things he says and does just crack me up.
    You guys are so cute together. Anyway……..Thanks so much for the great
    video and keep up the good work! ; )


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