25 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: “Built-in” Suspended Bookscases

  1. My Great Challenge

    I am back with another episode in my Home Office Makeover. This time
    around, I am building two suspended bookcases that will go above the
    countertop/desk. #diy #homeproject #homeoffice #makeover #girlpower

  2. Marsha B

    Sophia – you are doing such a great job – I am so proud of you – a woman,
    mother, wife can do ANYTHING!!!! It is looking great!

  3. Nina W

    Hi Sophia – you are so impressive! I’m really enjoying your videos. I
    have to agree with colombepetit, please wear your safety gear!
    Looking forward to your next installment in the Home Office Makeover!

  4. Jake92574

    Looking great! You’ve inspired me…painted my linen closet and am now
    installing shelving. It’s pine tongue & groove and what a pain to prime
    and paint! eek!
    I cheated a bit though and bought the shelving. 😉
    Hey who couldn’t use a darling shelf holder on your next project! E is
    too cute. :)

  5. jeff RAPER

    You’ve sure had another busy week! Good Job! It looks really nice and is
    a lot of storage space. Luella

  6. Susan Elliott

    Amazing, you should be so proud of yourself. The room is really looking
    great, I can’t wait to see how you do the counter.

  7. Jonathan Pountney

    This project is really coming together but you know what they say about
    “the last mile being the longest”. Can’t wait to see it finished – you are
    a fantastic inspiration to all women (and men!!). Love it!! Lorna UK

  8. Julie Williams

    Two words for you Sophia “WONDER WOMAN ” they look amazing, carnt wait to
    see them painted. TFS XXX

  9. dl lome

    Sophia, how did you learn to make your book shelves ? Your truly amazing in
    your ability to do so many projects around your home by yourself. Great

  10. Kidzngrandkidz

    As usual, exhausted just watching you building your bookcases! Love the
    boys posing, Edward looks terrified they would make a good pair of bookends
    LOL it’s looking good!

  11. beatriz rojas

    love your little ponytails lol love the way the bookshelves are coming
    out cant wait to see the final look keep up the great job Sophia:) I just
    enjoy watching your vlog. god bless and have a great day

  12. Kate Heptonstall

    The more I watch you work, the more impressed I am. These are beautiful
    shelving units. When you are done the office, it will be a room to be
    immensely proud of!

  13. Emily Kiesling

    Omg!! You did an outstanding job!! It turned out very nice. It looked so
    nice, when you showed it all together at the end of the video. Yes! yes!
    the lights under the book shelves, what a great idea, your office is going
    to look awesome. Enjoyed watching Sophia.

  14. hvyweight20

    Looking great sophia! Question, Are you painting the bookcases? I think
    they would look great painted the same color as the trim. 


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