24 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover: Bookcase 2

  1. My Great Challenge

    This is part 2 of my building a semi integrated bookcase in my Home Office
    as part of a big makeover. In this video I will show you how to install the
    shelves. #diy #bookcase #homeoffice

  2. Jake92574

    I think they look great! Shims, chalk and your face frames and you’ll
    never see the gaps once painted. Yep. And if anyone gets that
    close…pull their hair. 😀
    You did good!

  3. Lynn Crum

    Great job, Sophia!!! Why not screw the shelves into place through the side
    boards for even more stability? Then you could caulk any gaps before

  4. my2jedi

    You have an amazing attention span! I would have given up on such a huge
    project by now. Is there anything you can’t do??? Thanks for sharing – I
    know that adds to the time it takes for this. We are all learning from you!

  5. Michele McGill

    You’re amazing Sophia. I love that little level. We take a level away with
    us in the van because it really makes a difference if the van is just a
    little bit out, especially hooking up to mains water supply. I love what
    you have done with the bookshelf.

  6. Kidzngrandkidz

    This is just like reading a good book, I had to stop myself from skipping
    forward to the next part! It will look fabulous when finished, your house
    isn’t level, the wood isn’t straight, but by the time the gaps are filled
    and it’s painted and your books and decor are in place it will look
    stunning, the trouble is we only see the imperfections which frustrates us,
    well done Sophia, I’m now going to watch the next part of your amazing
    bookcase journey, thank you.

  7. Jonathan Pountney

    Fantastic job and perseverance, love it. Why are tools never where you want
    them, they get put down and them somehow “move” by themselves lol. Maybe
    the plain blue background would show up the books/memorabilia probably
    better than a patterned material, might be a bit too “busy”. Going to watch
    the next one straight away – blow the chores! Lorna UK

  8. Emily Kiesling

    Very nice, I did not think it was boring at all, I seen how measurements
    are very important and you did a great job on it. It looks like a very
    solid bookshelf, nice work Sophia ! 

  9. Jeannette G

    Hi Sophia! Great progress. Once you get the molding and all the books on
    you’ll never notice any gaps! I feel your pain having to paint all those
    but it will be like childbirth…you forget after it’s over with!lol I
    think I would hint to the in-laws about a nice hotel room…..so you can
    take the pressure off yourself. lol Lookin Goood.

  10. Terry d

    Great job Sophia. The bookcase looks beautiful so far and I just imagine
    that bookcase will still be standing even after the house no longer

  11. Cathie C

    Bookcase looks fabulous Sophia, any tiny flaw stands out while you’re doing
    the job, give it a couple of weeks and you won’t even be aware of your
    little gaps, you could definitely have done with a third hand, I can’t wait
    to see it all painted, I think the white will be good against the blue.
    You’re such a hard worker, fabulous x

  12. Yvonne B

    This is not boring for me at all I am really enjoying everything you are
    doing. And you are doing such a brilliant job xx


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