20 thoughts on “Home Office Garden Room

  1. 1970rankin

    This is truly a great addition to anybody’s garden, looks lovely, was it
    expensive as I wouldn’t mind have one myself 8~}

  2. nzpowderhound

    does it not need any bracing? what is stopping it from moving laterally ?
    only thing i saw that would stop this is the insulation and the
    plasterboard? am i missing something?

  3. arfurlife

    very interesting video. its great that you guys are taking the time to do
    this to sell and advertise your products. It looks likea pretty decent
    building. I d love to see the bloopers from the film making though, bet you
    had some hysterical times especially at the end with the dog.

  4. NorthLight Media

    I spoke to Gareth the joiner and he explained how rigidity comes from the
    combination of all the materials and applications that are used for the
    construction. The combination of the timber structural walls, PIR thermal
    insulation panels, plasterboards, external horizontal timber battens
    provide all the triangulation required to lock the structures together so
    they will not move. Many joints are double-nailed to prevent pivoting.

  5. NorthLight Media

    In addition, the roofing panels, although very light, are steel-lined and
    when bolted to the framework eliminate any flexing or movement. It seems to
    make sense and when I went back to the studio after a year and a half I
    couldn’t see any cracks in the plaster finish, which would be a sure sign
    of movement in the structure.

  6. Dan Pearce

    hi there, can you please tell mw where i can purchase those ligthweight
    roofing panels? do they came fully prepared ready to fit or did you have to
    prepare the layers before fitting? How much would you estimate on materials
    on this garden office ? Many thanks Dan

  7. evermore8888

    Did he just say they dug about about 20 holes,….looks more like 50 to me,
    but hey, lets make it look simple and easy 🙂

  8. Martyn Moore

    Good point, well made. I think the client would prefer the job to look
    harder rather than simple and easy. Yes, there were many more than 20
    holes. The script was written from memory and I never got round to changing
    it when I put it together with the footage. Sorry if it’s misleading.

  9. Carl S

    3-4 days build, 2 x joiners wages £950, timber £500, insulation £400, roof
    £300, cedar clading £350, electrician £500, plaster board £100, bi fold
    doors £1000, misc £500. total cost approx £4000 – £5000. customer probably
    being invoiced for £10,000 – £13,000 lol mark up on these things are a
    joke. £5k-8k profit for 3 days work. Im in the wrong game!

  10. George196207

    Built to rot. Set down into mud and not on post or footing of any kind. The
    cement anchors are nice but wood set in mud rots.


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