25 thoughts on “Home Office: Filing Organization

  1. Organized Like Jen

    My style of videos is to show what works for me (hence the name Organized
    LIKE Jen). I try to make the point that I am sharing what works for me but
    that it might not work for everyone and that it’s important to figure out
    what works for yourself.

  2. Nicole Underwood

    Would you like to borrow my dictionary? The fact is, many of Jen’s
    collections you criticize her for having, will in fact, increase in value.
    American Girl dolls (once retired), Swarovski crystal, designer purses,
    etc. are investments.

  3. Courtney J

    I LOVE this series already! I think it is seriously all going to be so
    helpful! It’s already helping this college student! Thanks so much for
    this! <333 🙂

  4. queenbrown17

    We setup our filing system when we first got married, and although we have
    the papers when we need them, I think I need to reorganize some things, and
    just filter out through the paper clutter . My biggest issue is personal
    clutter, I like taking notes, and writing things down when I learn
    something new, but where do I put these pieces of paper, how can I organize
    my little thoughts and ideas that U get during the day? Any help would be

  5. Denise Prater

    I’m sorry Jen, but It didn’t hit me until I posted the first message, but
    can you make a list in the down bar telling what ALL you keep folder’s for
    instead of ” car’s we have” I’m so in need of a filing system, but I don’t
    know what all I should keep up with, for how long, or what I can trash year
    to year, but I’d love a list to go by, I know I want be filing the very
    same thing as you have, but it would help me a great deal as I tend to
    forget stuff that I should know ( Like what to file )

  6. Caroline Boucher

    Awesome video, I need to get my stuff more organized and I like this
    system. I need a label maker, what one would your reccomend?

  7. brandysviolin

    Jen- thank you so much for this video. I am currently reorganizing my home
    and I have lots of paper and files and this has been so very helpful to me.
    Please, keep doing what you are doing…I appreciate every minute you
    devoted to it! Please, could you show us all how you organize all your
    warranty booklets and product guides? I used to keep them in a 3 ring
    binder in plastic protectors but its not working very well-would love your

  8. Jennifer T

    I now want to go organize and clean my files! I have a bunch of papers in a
    pile that need to be filed & I need to update my folders with current needs
    instead of ones I don’t use anymore. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  9. Aliandmelissa Najafi

    Who are a few of your favorite artists? Favorite paintings? I’m drawn to
    Monet, Rockwell, and Greg Olson. Love Olson’s artwork!

  10. Melissa2087

    I need you to come to my house… I have so many envelopes with statements,
    etc half of them are either labeled wrong or nothing are in them! I
    seriously have such a bad system.

  11. canash100

    Hi Jen! Please, please can you do the video on how you organize all other
    receips and your system for bill paying. Could you also please show how you
    organize your manuals on the first floor. Thank you!


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