25 thoughts on “Home Office: Desktop Organization

  1. Ashlyn Daniels

    Have you tried Goo Gone to get the glue off of your desk? I have used this
    on glasses, binders, etc. It’s super powerful for getting sticky stuff off
    without harming the surface. You’d have to look at the bottle to ensure
    it’s safe for acrylic but I know I’ve used it on several surfaces and it
    works ver well.

  2. Jenny X

    I’ve been thinking about buying the corner desk like yours with the hutch
    and now since I see all the room around the computer and under it, I’m
    confident that it will work for me at home. The only desktop tools I keep
    out at both my home desk and at my work desk are pencil bins, paper clip
    container, scrap paper, and stapler. Tape? I’ve been working at the same
    office job for 15 years and am still on the same roll of tape! The only
    time I use it at home is wrapping gifs.

  3. Bonnie Frances P.

    you ARE very helpful, so sorry!! and can you make a video on how to
    organize your attic. I know that will be a lot of time but my dad wants to
    make our attic into a MANCAVE!! hahaha!!

  4. beijosparavoce

    Do you work? Like…do you have a job or are you stay at home wife? I
    guess it would be helpful to know how you divide your time between life and
    actual work (if you do).

  5. Jimmy Jim

    it took me about three minutes to figure out whose hollywood celebrity you
    have a resemblance with. Julia Roberts!

  6. Emily Root

    Hi Jen, Just wanted to say thanks for your videos and helpful tips. I have
    been struggling with organization recently and watching your videos is
    inspiring me.to get it together. Please keep them coming! You have such a
    cheery voice and great style!

  7. SuperZampara

    I love your organizational ideas and you have such a beautiful taste,
    thanks so much. I also like your demeanor you are so cute and so sincere,
    keep up the great work you help us with your classy and refined taste and


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