25 thoughts on “Home Office: Desk Drawer Organization

  1. Kathleen Hurley

    I love this.. I wish you would come organize my desk.. lol would love to
    see how you make a collage of inspiration bored I always wanted to make out
    but dont know where to start. would love to see a tutorial.

  2. Susan M

    Another great video Jen……very inspirational….I want to organize my
    drawers now!! Lol Thanks so much for sharing!! You had some wonderful ideas
    and products for storage that I am going to purchase now!! Happy Easter to
    you, Don, and Winnie!! ( Don needs to get his cooking channel
    going…..would love to get his recipes!! )

  3. Nadine's Mixed Plate

    Quick question: what do you recommend for past duplicate used checks? How
    do you store yours?

  4. Nashema1

    You should do a video on your journals. I keep hearing about your gratitude
    journal and running journal. I need some ideas, so i would like to hear

  5. beritandjule

    I use elfa drawers that roll under a table like desk. They are the shallow
    drawers with many compartments that I added. I have many pens, markers and

  6. SweetAndGlitter

    You have totally inspired me to get my butt in gear and organize my office
    which has just gotten out of control! I am also jealous of your sticky note
    supply!!! Love it!! Lol.

  7. Rocio J

    Jen you are so funny I love how you made sure to explain winnie is not a
    bunny. I love this video awesome ideas I will copy. U have turned me into
    an organizer.

  8. Janelle Miller

    Hi i am looking for a desk to buy for my room and cant find one. I saw your
    video and really liked yours. I just wanted to know where you might have
    gotten it from and i wanted to see if i could buy it from where ever you
    might have gotten it from thanks!

  9. Suzy Keleher

    Super! Now I know what to do with my other side of my freshly cleaned out
    desk drawers! One side is my work related and I will now make the other
    side my personal stuff such as bill paying and check books etc…very
    good. I feel better about the stuff I do keep…you and I have similar
    interests and I just needed the next step for getting stuff out of boxes
    and zippered cases, usually piled next to my chair, and into drawers and
    bins! TY Jen!


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