25 thoughts on “Home Office Design Ideas

  1. B Fab

    You should make a video on making new friends when moving to a new friends
    or if you are in high school because its much harder when your older

  2. annapotpot

    can you also please do a video on how to save money efficiently, and on how
    to become more productive? thank you 🙂

  3. jasmine mayhew

    I really love Wellcast! You guys have really inspired me to fix up my life,
    but i have a few bad qualities that i always seem to fall back onto, i
    procrastinate, i have a lack of motivation (I’ll say ill do something,
    start/do it for a day or 2, then ill just lose steam), i have terrible
    anxiety, i cant get organized, and so on and so forth, my question is, how
    do you decide what to work on first, or does it even matter? should i try
    to get all my vices done at once? or is this a long process?

  4. Brandon Bevill

    I feel bad for even saying this, but I try to hide the fact I even watch
    this channel cuz of the “feminine” nature of it’s topics and the fact my
    walls are paper thin/roommates are closed-minded, but these topics are
    honestly very simple, rational, and effective ways to tackle the topic at
    hand. I love it 😛

  5. TNTrainbowz Green

    Well, they did do one kind-of like that, it’s how to break it down to make
    it easier. You should try that!

  6. Don Cameron

    Video like this can help a layman in organizing office at home. Some really
    great ideas shared in it. Excellent piece of creativity


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