13 thoughts on “Home Office Data Closet

  1. Brian Meyer

    the state i live in does not allow power to be run into a closet. I guess
    if you removed the door from the closet you could get away with it.

  2. dmacfar

    Brilliant set-up but same question at Soldier957 ~ what did you do for
    ventilation? Can’t imagine how you could run that much gear without
    ventilation and cooling.

  3. Ariel Barton

    lol… Nice loophole, don’t know if they would accept it.. Alternativaly,
    you could get an extension lead from just outside the closet,

  4. encino281536

    Your wifi router should be outside the closet. The house is outfitted with
    network connections so it can be placed in any area which gives you better
    wifi reception where you need it.
    There are a bunch of adapters and electrical cables in the closet which
    generate EMI.
    The single gang outlets are daisy-chained or on different circuits?
    You mentioned a generator. Does the UPS support 40 – 45Mhz frequency?
    Why is the printer in the closet? With every print you have to roll back or
    get up to get your prints?
    The printer should be easily accessible on or close to your desks.

  5. andyskater94

    not bad but be careful of the heat. Also how well is your wifi coverage? I
    want to do the same thing in my house & the closet is at the center of the
    house but I’m worried the wifi signal wont go far


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