25 thoughts on “Home Office: Cable Management

  1. lindsey smith

    I found this very helpful & informative. This is something that we all have
    to deal with. All those cords are annoying & if you have to get something
    unplugged, it can be a huge mess. You have made it very easy to find each
    individual cord!

  2. Umas Garden

    There are some great tools Jen! Thanks so much for sharing. I do use the
    Velcro strips, and I have some of the command strips that I haven’t used
    yet. But I will put those to use now. 🙂 Thanks again so much!

  3. creamcandy25

    Tnx for this helpful tip jen! 🙂 my cables are so jumbled up and my
    daughter keeps unplugging them when she has the chance.:/

  4. Shabaddiction Stevens

    Cable management to go with my spring cleaning!! Hooray! Gotta get a few of
    those cable boxes…especially being married to a “techie”!

  5. catherine gavino

    I’m just curious Jen if the cable box is safe for high temperature cause
    plugged cables tend to heat up if plugged for a long time.I just thought a
    good ventilation is needed for this kind of thing unless ofcourse it’s
    place in an airconditioned room. Just a thought…..

  6. daniMT406

    I love your videos so much! Thank you Jen. When you were explaining how
    annoying it is when your cord flies off your desk when it’s unlpugged I was
    nodding my head and agreeing with you the whole time 🙂

  7. scrapper900

    I’m not Jen but thought I would give you an answer. I am not sure about the
    box but I found the cable keeper at Staples. You can also order on line
    from The Container Store. I don’t have one near me either but I have
    ordered on line many times.

  8. Rocio J

    Hi Jen. I just bought the blue lounge box at office depot for my desk after
    watching this video! I loooove it so far! I can’t wait to keep cleaning up
    per your instructions :)

  9. Charlie Bates

    Love the blue lounge box. Has been a life saver. Is it safe for you to keep
    the post it notes in there though? I’d be worried about fire risk due to
    the heat from the power board.

  10. TheNunafeedtheducks

    You are a poor Genius Jen, sorry I missed this video last year it would
    have saved a lot of frustration :)

  11. James Pyle

    Cool video 🙂 I had just found that BL Cablebox. Check out Bluelounge
    website they have tons of cool management things!

  12. dl lome

    Great video! I also have the Bl box , but putting 2 cable strips in the box
    is great. Did not think of that. Thank you Jen for all the hard work in
    sharing your organizing videos.


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