25 thoughts on “Home Office: Built-Ins Organization

  1. Riven

    She has a video on the grooming station on her Winnie channel,
    “Winniethetzutube”. Video’s called “Grooming Desk Tour”. She also has a
    whole video series there on how she grooms her.

  2. LanternSquares

    Loved this vlog, and seeing the whole room was great 🙂 those cubby baskets
    are perfect for fabric some day, love it!!! Xxx

  3. Dian Pogue

    Wow they are beautiful! You should be a designer. You would be great at it!
    Wish you could come to my house and design a room for me. Love you videos!
    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. damegarbo

    I would like to see the other two desks for the grooming and sewing
    stations. The built ins serve that space well. Also, I do love how Winnie
    has her little beds throughout the house to nest wherever you are….quite

  5. EEN63

    If you Google “reisenthel” storage boxes you’ll find all sorts of options!
    Good luck, I hope this helps.

  6. jossiewebb82

    great video! I am organizing my whole house. it’s not as easy , as one
    might think.lol! I would luv to have built-ins=) thanks for sharing your
    tips and ideas!

  7. Shann Jess

    The colour of your room is so pretty blue and white are such a crisp and
    clean combination. The wrapping papers and bright colours around add life
    to the room. Ohh and the purple owl is sooo cute. The white furniture is
    very very nice. Love it.

  8. hospitalcakewalk

    Yeah, book cupboards and floating shelves do NOT work where I live.
    Northern (boarder of Oregon) California is well know for having a scale 5
    quake every other week 🙁


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