4 thoughts on “Home And Office Power Saving Tips With Kill-A-Watt

  1. terry7893

    Thanks for doing this. Very helpful, especially the garden hose analagy but
    ummmm, could you edit this all down to like, 7 minutes? We are smarter than
    you give us credit for.

  2. DragonsREpic

    Pressure – Volts
    Amps – Volume/Amount, the bigger the cable/hose the more can flow
    Deep Cycle is best used for low Amps over a long period, never go below 50%
    as that’s when a battery’s life cycle suffers
    Cold Cranking Amps is the complete opposite, A massive burst of power to
    crank an engine.
    Volts X Amps = Watts
    Kill a watt hour -1000 watts used for 1 hour, aprox a small heater for 1
    I have been researching a lot for a small battery bank from UPS batteries
    as there MUCH cheaper than say T105 from Trogen


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