25 thoughts on “Home and Office Barbie!

  1. RadcliffeRox101

    i didn’t live while all this stuff was on sale, but MAN did u ppl back then
    ( no offence ) have the good barbies! all them now a days are
    all………….. any who.. GREAT MOVIE!!

  2. KraZvEgGyBuRgEr

    Yea…the barbies today all have to do with fashion & fantasy fairytopia
    stuff. I like it, but back in the previous Barbie decades they had much
    more better ideas for Barbie. Its like they can’t come up with anything new
    and unique anymore.

  3. ckrm55

    more then likely knowing Barbie having knee pads is how she got the job =D
    after all she is named after a German sex toy.

  4. Roisin D

    ‘we girls are never late to work….right barbie? ‘ Yeah because your
    office is behind your bed.

  5. mieka31

    araparap and bratkingjaret, i agree. I have never thought of barbie as a
    hollywood image making tool like some people say. I always thought she
    empowered girls and made them believe girls could be whatever they wanted.
    Especially duting the 80’s. And if they looked great doing it, even better!
    Never did I ever feel like I had to look like Barbie. Pepople who say that
    are just plain wrong and don’t really want to deal with their own issues.

  6. Ronni Selzer

    I still have my Day to Night Barbie and all the accessories! I keep all my
    Barbie earrings in the little briefcase. 🙂


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