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  1. 321Huan

    this is highly toxic, very flammable risky, very risky of poisoning of CO
    (and DEATH), and absolutely ineffective way of heating your home.

    if you put a pot on candles – you only PREVENT heat from your room, not
    help it!

    and 3 candles never can make even a bit warmer any room – just remember the
    3th birthday day of your children – did three candles really made your room
    any warmer

    look at some fireplace or wood-burning stove- and amount of wood you need
    to warm your room

  2. Moldoveanu Cristian

    Stop making stupid people famous. Don’t do that at home.It’s dangerous. The
    necessary heat for a house is about 50Wh/square meter. Ask a specialist for

  3. Twój Stary

    I have a better idea. Use a book instead of pot it will give loads of heat
    in short time. You can also pour some oil on it, it will give of some extra
    heat. BTW when it turns hot you need to keep adding oil.

  4. evahle

    Thank you for sharing your ideas! For those who worry about CO2, use CO2
    detectors. That’s what they are for. Also smoke detectors. Don’t you just
    love those who complain and haven’t even tried the idea, or improve on the
    idea? It’s people like you that make watching you-tube so much fun. Thanks

  5. ALittleTimeOut

    I watched your video last year and shared it with my business networking
    group. Now quite a few of us have our own plant pot heaters. This really
    helped to bring my heating bills down last year. I have just lit my heater
    again and my small home office is nice and cosy again. Many thanks!

  6. Sir Bomb

    This is ridiculous. If TV’s could heat your room then clearly it isn’t even
    cold outside. It’s misleading to say this will heat any region of your
    house rather than simply the air adjacent to the candle. Tea lights also
    have toxins that regular beeswax doesn’t have, so to use a bunch of these
    to heat a room would not be healthy for you. Yes I read the description. If
    you had about 15 of these setups it might start to make a difference.

  7. Juan Pretorius

    This is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. How could putting flower
    pots change the heat output of the candles, at all? The pots get hot.
    Right. So does anything if you put it there. If the pots weren’t there, the
    heat would simply rise… Heating the office. This simply delays the
    heating of the room by a few minutes. The most retarded thing ever. 

  8. tienxero

    I just came over here linked from an article that mentions tea lights were
    picked up for less than a dollar from Ikea. Clearly they have to do their
    research. Pounds are not American Dollars, and for that matter… here in
    Canada a pack of tea lights will run you a tad more. while Ikia has the
    same package of 100 at under 5 bucks ON THEIR WEBSITE ONLINE, the closest
    walmart has similar listed online is a 150 pack of 8 hour tealights, which
    are twice as tall. the smaller ones are typically 4 hours. as for the price
    of those. $18. or the search results also come back with a pack of 500 of
    the 4h ones at $30. there are only Ikia stores in 5 of Canadas provinces.
    Im not in any of those 5.

  9. Mullet Man

    Everyone seems very confused about how this might work. The main focus of
    people’s complaints is that the candles create the same amount of heat
    regardless of whether the pots are there or not (which is likely true).
    There’s also a lot of talk about convection. However, if this system
    works at all, convection has almost nothing to do with it and here’s why:

    If you burn the candles on their own, the heat from the flame will rise to
    the top of the room by convection. So the volume of air near the ceiling
    gets warmer. Now if you introduce the pots, they absorb some of the heat
    from the hot gas given off by the candles, and then radiate that heat (in
    the form of infrared radiation) to the local area instead of moving the
    heat exclusively toward the ceiling. If you happen to be near the setup,
    you will be absorbing some of that infrared and you will feel warmer. If
    it were just the candles, you’d receive much much less infrared and most of
    the heat would be “lost” to the top of the room because of convection.

    I haven’t tried this, but I’m certain that if it works the reasons I just
    gave are largely responsible.


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