5 thoughts on “DIY – How to Repurpose to Create a Beautifully Organized Home Office on a Thrift Store Budget

  1. frugal Mum

    First let me be clear, I’m saying this in the interests of constructive
    criticism. I do not want to hurt your feelings.
    I found this guide to be vague. Most people on a budget already know about
    thrift stores. The title lead me to expect some craft or DIY. This guide
    did mention assorted items, but I didn’t feel it covered them well. For
    example, what does one look for in a desk, (height, fits well in space
    available, steady, good writing surface, what will it be used for, does its
    surface space/ depth suit it’s purpose- if it is too deep will this space
    be wasted). I noticed you chose simple white, things looked coordinated,
    why not speak more about that. What ideas are essential/ desirable to a
    “Beautiful Organised Home Office” ? I hope this helps 🙂 The layout means
    most often used items are in reach, why not explain this?

  2. OrganizedBeautifully

    How to build your desk and office on the cheap and keep it all

  3. H Welt

    Isnt the desk way to high for you? It doesnt look as if you could get a 90
    degree angle for both your legs and your arms..


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