25 thoughts on “DIY – Glamorous Decorations For A Girly Office, Makeup room, Vanity

  1. Stephanie Lewis

    OMG Liz!! You gave me so many ideas! I will be stopping by Michaels to grab
    some of those glitter papers! Amazing and creative Idea!! I love these DIY
    videos!!! Xoxo

  2. Denisse Saucedo

    I love this dyi videos! They are my fave and thank you so much for all your
    videos they are amazing! 

  3. mirasmuse byMira

    Great ideas !!! I will start furnishing my house soon so I can’t wait to
    use all of those ideas – so so excited <3 

  4. xoch23

    Just subscribed to your channel 🙂 I loved everything! I am gonna do the
    glitter tray and vase! Btw where did you get the Chanel and Tiffany books?
    Would like to purchase those for my room :)

  5. Sherly Elise

    – New subscriber 🙂 just by watching two of your videos, I can see you have
    great simple but gorgeous taste for decorations. Thanks for the ideas ;]

  6. Summer Ellis

    Jets subscribed to your channel today and so glad I did. You have such
    great ideas and tips! Loving it!! <3

  7. Kerly A. Coghi

    Thanks a lot for your ideas….I know you post ths video a while ago but am
    still a new subbie!
    I have sparkly cardboards and I was going to through them away and now I
    can do pretty trails Thanks to you!! :D


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