14 thoughts on “Decluttering your home office — Very Good Looking video

  1. GrineXDigi

    While the bins are a good idea, box would likely be a smarter choice to
    store those files, mainly due to the “_/” shape the bin has vs “|_|” shape
    a box has. more storage for other things, that’s just my opinion.

  2. TheSmokingkiller

    Wow who knew that cleaning up your mess would create space, can’t believe
    that you could have a job telling people where to put their stuff are
    people really that stupid

  3. DJOpaixMusic

    Yes, wise one. but if the files fit across the bottom of the “_/” shape,
    there is new storage space along the edges of them. kinda like pockets.

  4. russtex

    It’s not as simple than that! You need the thought process of how to
    organize what to keep, archive, recycle, and trash!

  5. Anne-Catherine Mulhern

    So what do we learn from this video? If you want a tidy desk, you need to
    tidy it up. Woop woop. Totally needed to hire someone to tell you that.

  6. NatashaNogoodnik

    The IRS allows people to store their tax records electronically – all those
    files could be kept on a disc or two, with back-up copies is a safe-deposit
    box. Big space savings. The expert should have known that.


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