Conserving Electricity in Your Home or Office During Winter

Save EnergyIn the areas of Australia that see cold winters and snow, electric bills seem to go on the rise. Running the heater in your house can make that bill higher than during summer. But there are other reasons why your bill can go up during the winter. Here are some ways you can help conserve electricity and eventually lower your bill.

Lower your heater settings

Doing something as simple as keeping the temperature a little lower can save you about 10% on your monthly bill. While you are home during the day, keep the temperature as low as you can while still being comfortable. When the house is empty or everyone is sleeping, lower the temperature a few degrees. With your heater not working as hard, it will definitely reduce your bill. Keep an eye on kids who can adjust the thermostat though. Sometimes they can walk by and turn up the temperature thus defeating your goal.

Go through an audit

There are places that you can hire to preform what is known as a home energy assessment or a home energy audit. An energy auditor or reliable Electrician can alert you to any areas of your house that are loosing heat. Either from small holes to drafts to a lack of insulation, an energy audit can help you find the problems. Once you know what is causing the problem, you can correct it. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional energy auditor. Thankfully there are many videos on the internet that can teach you how to do an audit yourself with roughly the same results.

Use free heat

The sun is a giant ball of flaming gases that can heat your home for free. Open the curtains on the windows facing the sun and the sunlight will naturally heat your home. It will not heat it up enough to compensate for negative temperatures but it can help. Any chance you can get to run your heater a little lower will impact your bill.

Watch your hot water usage

While running your heater accounts for a majority of your winter electrical bill, your hot water heater also has quite an impact. Try taking shorter showers. The temperature of your showers should also be a little lower so you are not using as much hot water. You can also adjust the temperature on your hot water heater directly. Change the temperature to the warm setting which is about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperature will help lower the cost.

Seal the problems

If done correctly, your energy audit should have been able to reveal at least a few air leaks in your house. These air leaks can be anything from an unfinished room to a lack of a seal around doors and windows. Fire places can also cause quite an air leak if it is not sealed when not being used. The open doors on a fireplace can be as bad as an open window. Keep them closed, seal up your air leaks, and finish out incomplete spaces. Three simple ways to lower the electrical bill.

Conserve winter electricity

As a nation, we love our winter comforts and leisure time. Heaters, big TV’s, ovens, Dryers and other appliances are using quite a bit of electricity. Make sure you use them sparingly. If you like it bright during meals, try adding an element of candle light. Candles not only add a more intimate feeling to the meal but also can make your table more romantic.

Following these simple and easy steps can really reduce the amount of your electricity bill this winter. For more info and tips check out Energy Efficiency Australia.