25 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo’s Home Office Tour 2014


    Great videos and sweet set up, I also recognize that amulet bracelet on
    your hand,
    if it is what I think it is, this similar item is used as protection from
    the evil eye from those people who envy and are jealous, which many haters
    must be.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for being a great motivation and
    influence for those who work hard to become successful.

  2. Trevor Patrick

    Hey Chris never done this before but I want to make a movie suggestion for
    you. It’s called i think… War Stars or Star Wars or something like that.
    I don’t know why but I think you may enjoy it.

  3. Mark Kemperman

    Love it, Chris. A wonderful spot 🙂 Favourite thing was the Vader art on
    the walls and the light sabre. Look forward to seeing your new Mac Pro ;)

  4. pepe007

    what is the name of those deck light cubick light i want to buy ones please
    Chris can u tell me ? 

  5. Griffin Cannon :)

    Big thumbs up! You are awesome Chris Pirillo! Spectacular tour and
    extraordinary home office!

  6. djbz bruce-zabala

    When you put black duct tab on the dell logo is it because you did not what
    to get a copyright mark on your channel

  7. anonymous

    Does anyone know what the clocks that he refered to as ‘ticks tocks’ are
    actually called? You know, the ones above his main desk…


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