25 thoughts on “Box Office for Dreamworks Animation’s Home, Get Hard, It Follows, Serena, Furious 7

  1. kagreel

    Hi Grace, I am a big fan of you movie morning news. I was wondering a few
    things. The Seventh Son movie, will there be any sequels? The books were
    phenomenal and I think the movie ruined key parts of the book but would
    like to see more installments. Also, is there any hope for the sequel of
    The Giver. I was a big fan of the books and absolutely loved the movie. I
    have read the whole giver series but do not think they would make a movie
    on the books, as they follow different characters. I would love to see more
    out of these two. Could this be possible? Id live it if you could answer

  2. Marcus Luera

    My Monday is now complete, oh wait it’s Wensday. ;p Just kidding Grace.
    Thank you for posting and your hard work. Hopefully this is the start of a
    turn around for DreamWorks Animation. Great movie math as always Grace. =) 

  3. Xenu

    IT FOLLOWS is magnificent. A near masterpiece and will undoubtedly end up
    high on my list of best films of 2015.

  4. Ray Bolger

    How far in advance can they predict the openings of new movies coming out?!
    I mean are there predictions for what star wars can do already? 

  5. xaixmaster

    Hey Grace! Lovely as always! Quick question for you: how/where do
    demographic breakdowns come from? I’m sure most of us don’t fill out
    paperwork every time we see a movie 

  6. QuickFire Reviews

    Yay Movie Math! Which films this year are you certain will open with over
    100 million? Obvious ones are like you said Furious 7. I’m also pretty sure
    Avengers and Mockingjay Part 2 will have a chance

  7. Greice Rodrigues

    Thank you so much, Grace, for Movie Math! It’s the best way to end my day
    🙂 I was really looking forward for you discussing Home boxoffice. I hope
    this becomes Dreamworks turning point. And this is a big win for diversity
    in kid friendly movies. Dont forget that Big Hero 6 (which took the Oscar)
    had an Asian lead and now Home with this adorable black girl, actually both
    movies opened on pair! Having a diverse cast actually helps a movie seem
    original and fresh. And I heard the number of mixed-race families is
    steadily increasing in America for the past few years, maybe that is what
    is reflecting on those numbers.

  8. lillypad2114

    Big Hero 6 did NOT deserve that Oscar, HTTYD2 did. I am so glad to say I’ve
    actually been to Home twice, once on opening day and the last time was just
    yesterday. Hopefully it can make a good chunk of change here and in
    China/Japan/South Korea. Also yes Big Hero 6’s lead was supposed to be
    Asian but I didn’t really get that, honestly Go-Go (when the hell will we
    get their real names??) looked more asian than Hiro. Tip even has natural
    hair that hasn’t been smoothed down and messed with plus even in the movie
    her mother comments about her ‘gorgous brown skin’. I also think Home will
    do pretty well because its for the most part gender nuteral. I wish HTTYD 3
    would be moved to 2017 again, they should open in November with it since
    that seems to be a real sweet spot for Disney to make money.

  9. HeyJayHuggs

    Hey Grace, I was wondering if you have seen “It Follows”. If not I highly
    suggest you go see it. I would say it’s halfway between “Silence of the
    Lambs” and “Oculus” on the f**ks with your mind scale, and has little to no
    gore, as I know you enjoy. I also meant to comment on your Deadpool first
    look video, but never did: If you like comedic Ryan Reynolds you should
    check out “The Voices” on demand/streaming. He is highly comedic in that
    movie and i don’t think he takes off his shirt once! I hope you see this

  10. Lew Archer 1949

    It Follows wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it was very well made with a
    very appealing lead. With this and The Guest, Maika Monroe is set to be a
    star. She truly has “It”.

  11. DigitalLeonardo

    I’m so happy for Kingsman. That movie was fantastic and I really hope we
    get that sequel.

  12. Say Goodnight Kevin

    Hey Grace! I love all your shows. I watch every morning. 😀

    I was wondering, I noticed your green screen has a little beed over. Maybe
    you’ve tried this before, but I was wondering if a blue screen would work
    better on your blonde hair. I know you do these quickly, and the focus is
    on the content (which is awesome.). That’s all. Hope you have an awesome


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