17 thoughts on “Bird and Fortune: George Parr, Home Office Minister

  1. The Concise Statement

    Don’t worry about the quality – it’s YouTube, be grateful for what people
    give you, is what I say. Any new Bird and Fortune uploads are welcomed!

  2. PidLive

    Lol brilliant! These two always crack me up every time. The good news
    though is Section 44, which empowers the police to stop, search or arrest
    someone with no grounds has now been scrapped as of 9 July 2010. Freedom 😀

  3. monique3609

    its so sad how more people watch justin bieber music video’s rather than
    video’s like this. More people will drink beer and watch football than
    understand whats governing them and happening around them .

  4. commercialmats

    This is great. Really funny, but at the same time I think they might have a
    point on what is going on.

  5. ProNorden Agrarian-Nationalism

    In America it’s called “The Patriot Act” … apparently from the Department
    of Extreme Euphemism and Orwellian Parody. You know … the Bush and Obama
    Administrations. “Don’t underestimate us.”

  6. Alex Lewis

    I love the satirical comedy this double act produce. I love how every time
    he mentions someone going to prison he has a massive beaming smile on his
    face lol. “If you break an ASBO, you are liable to up to five years in
    prison (Huge smile)”. Then “Well then the parents can go to prison
    (Smile)….More people in prison”. These issues they make great comedy,
    like the acts and statutes they define here in this video, are all real

  7. DJ Bowman

    Once upon a time the UK Home Office empowered the police to stop, search or
    arrest someone with no grounds whatsoever! And now?

  8. gbushimprov

    John Fortune sadly passed away today. I love this old clip, his performance
    is astounding and in a way frightening in so far as it isn’t particularly
    far-fetched (the personality not the facts, they were all true).

  9. Roger Merritt

    When this was made it was funny; hear that artificial laugh track to cue
    people when to laugh? Nowadays, in the U.W., it’s an accurate portrayal of
    how our “security” and police forces actually think. Why does this guy make
    me think of James Clapper? Doesn’t look like him at all.


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