25 thoughts on “Binder Organization – Best Binders & Dividers to Use for Home Office or School Papers

  1. ladyjaneofdunans

    Everything looks quite lovely, but it all seems very, very expensive. On a
    teacher’s salary, I’d go broke trying to do this. Are there ways to do
    this with discount items? I thank you kindly.

  2. Amanda Lutton

    I like your organizational skills and that you shared these videos.
    I have a tip. If you laminate the index/glossary/cover sheet page or add a
    piece of tape to the spot where you want your label to go (when using your
    label maker) it will then come off with ease when you want to change the
    label, instead of printing an entire new piece of paper.

  3. Monster High Lover

    school starts on june 10 and we will use clearbook still i bought the
    binder and use it for interviews :D

  4. elly fitrah

    HI can you pleaseeee do a video on how to STORE/ORGANIZE FLASHCARDS? thank
    you so much!!!!!! :))))

  5. Anberlinos Mal

    HELP! I really want to buy these binders! But i live in Australia, is there
    any way to get these??

  6. Peace To All

    I love the better binders.. I buy them whenever I get a pretty good deal,
    as its otherwise expensive.
    Just wanted to let you all know, the back to college Better binders are on
    deal in most of the staples. I got the 1.5 inch better binders for $2 and
    on top of that I could apply the 30% coupon on the binders thats available
    at their website. 

  7. anne chesney

    Have you ever done a videl on organization of genealogy work? I have been
    tracing my genealogy for the last 30 years, so say the least I have papers
    ALL over the place..
    HELP! I need help in doing something with it…. Thank You Anne


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