12 thoughts on “Best Feng Shui Desk Shape For Your Home Or Office

  1. KenLauher

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  2. dowezee

    ahh, I have got a nice rectangular desk, not too big and not too small,
    however, it is open and you can see my legs, is it really a major problem?
    Because I feel comfortable with it or should I get another desk?

  3. klauher

    Sounds like a nice desk. Keep in mind that this is best practices. It
    really depends on where you are at, if you have a budget that you can put
    towards a new desk and if your priorities are around your career or other
    things right now. I might first review your desk, desk location and work
    space first before I would purchase a new desk. Purchasing a new desk could
    then come later.

  4. Snaehbongmouy

    How to position ur desk in a small space in a room size 10×9 w one window
    and a walk in closet (turning one of our bedroom into an office)

  5. KenLauher

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  6. Linglut M

    My desk is in a corner but I am seated in a position where I can see the
    door. Is it bad feng shui to be there? I have a wall on my right side and
    my back.

  7. Ellery Wong

    It’s strange you mentioned the L-shaped desks causes issues with the belly
    and digestive systems. I’ve been having issues in that area since I bought
    this L shaped desk from back pain and an weight gain. Maybe purely
    coincidental but hey if Feng Shui worked for the Emperor and the Forbidden
    City for hundreds of years there must be a reason for the long term


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