17 thoughts on “BBC The Great Offices of State: 1. The Dark Department

  1. Expat UK

    Yes permanent secretaries are really valuable as the incoming minister can
    draw on great experience and wisdom from a permanent team. Pretty much all
    countries have them but call them different things. No, the Home Office is
    in Whitehall – MI6 (not to be confused with MI5) is in it’s own building on
    the banks of the Thames – it’s quite a famous building and is featured in
    the James Bond films, as, obviously, the HQ of MI6 😉

  2. 324wilson

    It’s wonderful to see late Roy Jenkins’ clips. I have just finished his
    biography of Gladstone and of course, his book, “Churchill: A Life” is the
    best biography of Churchill I have ever read. Thanks so much for posting
    these wonderful docs.

  3. Fraser Whieldon

    MI6 does fall under the remit of the Foreign Office. MI5 is the
    responsibility of the Home Office. Hope this helps.

  4. tnakai1971jp

    I am an uneducated Japanese of humble means but I would like to express my
    support for the structures like these, simultaneously acknowledging the
    risk of doing so. Japan has had too many PMs – 24 this past 40 years. The
    country kept on meeting treaty obligations and paid pensioners and other
    public services without failure since the end of the war. Britain is lucky
    to have robust civil services AND a functioning royal house which is what
    Japan does not have.

  5. greattimed

    God, I am SO angry about that! I am such an admirer of Japan, of your
    protection of your culture and brilliant minds. I SO wish your royal house
    had more ceremonial roles in your politics. I am not sure about your civil
    service but I do know that historically Your MITI ministry was very
    powerful apparently.

  6. tnakai1971jp

    Well, in those days, the exchange rate was fixed, Japan enjoyed free ride
    on trade opportunities, it was much easier to justify the existence of the
    MITI. Japan’s defeat was so devastating that it is surprising to many
    historians how on earth Japan managed to keep her royal house. The country
    is now so much inclined to the left that it is difficult to argue for more
    royal participations in politics, even in ceremonial capacities.

  7. tnakai1971jp

    All government departments have some drawbacks, one cannot possibly expect
    a ministerial position to be cushy and easy.

  8. marimbaking007

    ”Some1 has been deported & immediately shot on arrival at their home
    country…” Classic Clarke (ZIMBABWE – MUGABE REGIME)…”

  9. wiedep

    The “there’s nothing you can do about it” cya perpetual permanent ruling
    class without any accountability is what has made the UK a third world
    The USA is well along the way to following in these footsteps that leads to
    going off the same cliff.

  10. chrish12345

    what a crazy world ‘oh look heres a guy who knows absolutely nothing about
    the Home Office, lets put him in charge’. Also how can Charles Clarke (or
    anyone) ‘regret the decision’ of being sacked ie. a decision he didn’t

  11. the-real-institute.com Max Bliss

    remarkable how often there happens to be a drill on the day of a terrorist
    attack….Operation Gladio…Operation Northwoods etc.. may shed some
    light. All state terrorism to introduce new draconian freedom stripping

  12. liam whitcombe

    Blair & Brown. Good job it wasn’t WWII. Flanagan & Allen would’ve been out
    of work with that pair of cunts


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