3 thoughts on “Audio for your Home or Office Studio

  1. Micheal Pacitto

    Zoom h5/h6 + Rode NTG2 is good enough for almost anyone getting started.
    The H5 is about 350, the NTG2 is under 300.
    The important thing with microphones is not just the mic, but the preamp.
    the H5/h6 have amazing preamps compared to the h4.

  2. trevorpinnocky

    used h4n – good performance, great price, industry staple. The external
    mics ARE absolutely usable and have been used to record bands and musicians
    for a long time by professionals. Second choice, run two inexpensive lavs
    directly into the H4n for two different audio sources and the on-recorder
    mics and camera mics as backup.

    done. –

    cost? – $100-$150 for the H4n…and a good lav mic is anywhere from $10-$50
    so that’s another $20-$100 and two mini to XLR adapters ($15) –
    Total Cost ($135 – $265)<– depends on how good a bargain hunter to you


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