25 thoughts on “A Hollywood Home: The Ultimate Home Office!

  1. Mr. Kate

    I got to use one of my favorite wallpaper prints ever in Tyler’s home
    office! There is so much inspiration going on in this room I hope you all
    love it! Please comment and let us know what you think of the
    transformation! xoxo, Kate and Joey

  2. Veslemøy Sveen

    I love all your videos, but I must say I really enjoy these
    interior/decorating videos with both of you showing off your skills! Love

  3. Marianna Pagnoncelli

    Thats literally the video I wait for the whole week, my favorite kind of
    series! You’re awesome Kate! And I’ve never been so early lol 

  4. unknowntoyoutoo

    Man I wish I could hire you guys ♡
    Can you do a video on diy organization stufftips & or the beginners guide
    to interior decorating?

  5. unknowntoyoutoo

    && congrats on the book, it looks great. Can you give me some tips on how
    to get a book published?

  6. Tresna W Suparman

    Incredibly awesome home office! But if that was my office, it won’t stay
    pretty and neat for too long because I’m a mess.. LOL

  7. mascottie

    I don’t know why but I was surprised to hear Joey say “fuckin”. I think
    it’s because the quality of these videos are so good I think I’m watching a
    show on TV. 

  8. debbieomi

    I am in love with that entire house (though I would like to see the kitchen
    and bathroom). Wishing Tyler many years of happiness and success in his

  9. Helen Nguyen

    I was sooo excited when I saw you guys on my feed!! I loved OMG We Bought a
    House and this one is just as perfect. Loved this transformation and that
    wallpaper is EVERYTHING xoxo

  10. Judy Chapman

    Love, love, love all your decorating ideas. Your the bomb Katiepoo and if I
    were 40 years younger and you were single Joey I’d chase you around the
    that desk!!!!! LOL

  11. sparkle barbie

    So is wallpaper making a comeback? I really am not knowledgeable in home
    décor, because I have been raising two destructive boys the past 18 years.
    Now it seems safe to spend some money decorating and wallpaper looks like
    an exciting option!


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