20 thoughts on “9 Essential Elements for a Productive Home Office | Clutter Video Tip

  1. Jennifer Cullen

    I put everything in the center of the desk and it must be action that day.
    Or a post it on the object on what I am waiting on. I do have a action box
    which lives under my bed and I empty it once a week or when it gets full,
    that’s where everything goes from filing, to clean cloth’s I draw the line
    tho at food or dishes. I’ve found that works for me. Have a great day

  2. Besta Tonlistin

    Love that text over the video for keeping score, I get distracted and miss
    out cause well I do get easily distracted, and English is my second
    language so when people talk fast and in words I’m not used to, then this
    list is really helpful, so thumbs up for that 🙂 And great advice, I really
    enjoy your videos, very inspiring!

  3. greenwolfeESL

    Thanks, Lorie! It’s helpful to be reminded to designate places to manage
    the inflow and outgo. I do a little of that already, but I cold be more
    deliberate about it and fill in some of the gaps in the system. I like the
    car analogy.

  4. canash100

    Hi Lorie! Please-Please-Please, could you share the label names that are on
    your action trays. It will be very helpful!

  5. clutterdiet

    Hi Canash- yes, yes, yes I can, can can! 😉 My action tray labels are:
    -Travel -Bills -Urgent -Current Projects I hope that does help!

  6. clutterdiet

    Thank you for sharing your system, Jennifer. The important thing is finding
    a system that works for you. It sounds like you have.

  7. clutterdiet

    Thank you, Besta! We do add closed captions to the video and a transcript
    of the video to the description a few days after it is released. Maybe that
    will help as well.

  8. canash100

    Lorie, you are too awesome! Thank you for sharing – sharing is caring right
    🙂 Lorie, I would just also like to ask if you could explain more about the
    ”Current Projects tray? Is that tray your Project Centre? Also what sort
    of papers go in ”Urgent”. Then I have one area I just cant find a system
    for, its for papers that require an action, I need to leave these papers in
    a place until I can do them. (They don’t always have specific deadlines)
    for example cards I have to enter into a database.

  9. clutterdiet

    Current projects is my project center. For instance I am building a house
    right now and the folder that has that information is in that tray. My
    Urgent tray is reserved for truly urgent things. So, you have to train
    yourself to look at that tray or your urgent tasks will go unnoticed.

  10. canash100

    Ooh! Thanks Lorie, love the ”Current Projects” explanation. That helps me
    a huge deal 🙂 Could you please give me guidance on where to put my cards
    (usually 4-5 of them) that I need to enter into a data base weekly. I
    usually have a week to capture them. Last question! Much Love <3

  11. clutterdiet

    You could make a tray for those cards or a folder on your Current Projects
    tray, since the data entry is an on going current project.

  12. canash100

    Thanks Lorie! Love the idea of putting them into my Current Projects tray.
    You make such a remarkable difference in people’s lives. Be blessed!

  13. canash100

    Lorie, I have another question relating to the one I asked. Okay, so I put
    the cards I need to enter into data base in a folder under ”current
    projects” I have time to enter the cards from Tuesday to Friday – Friday
    the cards must be entered. Do I put the task: ”enter visitors cards” into
    my diary on Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri. How do I remember to enter the cards?
    I don’t always look in the trays. Please help Lorie. Appreciate you.

  14. clutterdiet

    Hi Canash, that’s really going to depend on your style. What is going to
    get your attention and remind you until it becomes a habit? An electronic
    reminder tied to your calendar? A task that is always listed on your task
    list? What type of reminder works for you?

  15. livelovelatte

    Just bought your ebook The Home Office Handbook! I think I’m finally ready
    to put together a home office. TFS!

  16. clutterdiet

    That is GREAT news! Don’t forget to check out the exclusive video content
    and the free note taking guide. Let me know how it’s going.


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