25 thoughts on “6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial

  1. Thomas Hyde

    No one wants to pay for anything anymore – walking in carrying one of these
    custom soft boxes may be an accurate reflection of “you get what you pay

  2. LaughingLion4Ever

    What’s the point of cutting up the housing on those Home Depot lights when
    you can just remove them by loosening the screw at the base?

  3. Keith Wagner

    i would be concerned about it being a fire hazard. A 300 watt bulb puts
    out a lot of heat, Being mounted into styrofoam or cardboard or plastic?
    All highly flammable. Held together with tape and A clamps? Probably
    not a good idea.

  4. pedra12

    Nice ideas, but they probably won’t last but a couple of days. You’ll have
    to keep buying boxes. Fun experiment though.

  5. Timothy Mills

    Jay. I love your videos, but really. Someone is going to burn their house

    300 watts plus plastic and Styrofoam = 90% chance of a fire. 

  6. Joshua Boldt

    He mentions at the end that the lights are a fun experiment but they aren’t
    really that great and will probably start on fire. So you don’t need to
    comment about how it will start a fire or make you look unprofessional.
    There, I just saved you ten seconds of your life. 

  7. OwHiTeLiOnO

    Wow great timing with this vid! I’m actually getting ready to buy a wall
    mount setup for 3 rolls and this sounds way better than the kit I was going
    to buy!

  8. Darren Jefferson

    Seriously! How many of us actually have a room of that size available to
    set up a studio? Not to mention a room that isn’t used by other family
    members. This room is massive in comparison to the rooms in my house, it’s
    probably 2-3 times the size of my largest room and that is full of

  9. Ryan Portsmouth

    *Need a home or office studio?*
    Here are some great tips and simple DIY projects to help you get started.

    Do you use a studio? If so, what do you have? 

  10. Ryan Portsmouth

    This is a fantastic starting point for a low cost and partial DIY studio
    with some solid advice.

    My studio has 2 white walls and 2 glass walls unfortunately, but this is
    useful at times however controlling the light is particularly difficult.

    In addition to this, my top tip with the lighting setup is instead of
    cutting the clamp light reflector is to pick up a plastic front attachment
    (sorry I don’t know the name), they are about 1-inch deep and screw
    directly onto a standard light fitting. Here they are available in any
    decent hardware store – alternatively if you rip apart an old lampshade you
    should find the attachment point on that and it should be safer. 

  11. Kudzu

    This was really helpful! I’d like to see the lighting with you a little
    farther away from the seamless. 

  12. Solange Maritte

    amazing video, thank you, i was looking for these kind of ideas for a home
    studio for so long, and finally i got brilliant ideas to start :)

  13. Sandra Aguinaldo

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  14. reesie lee

    i know im trying to use my living room as a small photography spot. i love
    photography but i dont have any high fancy cameras just my canon just
    ordered lights from amazon. whats the difference between the white umbrella
    lamps and the black shade umbrellas

  15. SeanithanEgan

    “I’m going to spend 8 minutes showing you how to make 3 light boxes out of
    household items and then immediately tell you to just go buy a lighting kit


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