24 thoughts on “5 Tips To Feng Shui Your Home Office

  1. Warm Wishes

    Loving this video….I am so into Feng Shui too! Put plenty of bamboo
    plants, small and large, maybe into azur or teal plant pots…. they are
    very easy to maintain….besides, live plants bring life and serenity into
    the home!

  2. Jsla25

    Thanks a million for sharing. You have such a positive effect…I
    immediately got up and started cleaning once I watched your video. 

  3. Spanky Cola

    looking forward to the womens site. Cant wait to see all that is said and
    offered. Stay encouraged! Much love to you

  4. Jeanblaaa

    Feng Shui is so cool! It really does work! Thanks for your video Nikki and
    maybe some fall/Halloween videos on the way? 😉 I just can’t wait to get
    rid of summer hehee

  5. Carolyn C.

    Thank you for the information. I will using these tips in my home office. I
    download the audio book and signed up for the summit. 

  6. MsSassyMT

    Just what I needed to drag my office out of the depressed mood. I have a
    lot of work to do. Thanks! I should probably try succulents as well, sis.

  7. Shante J

    Love it all…I’ve been trying to implement it around the house, but I’m in
    a shared space so…When I move I plan to use Feng shui…congrats on being
    apart of the summit 

  8. BellinaSkyBright

    I am a feng shui fan so this was good to see. I did an online course
    (Lillian Too) a few years ago which I enjoyed, if any of your subs want to
    learn more after reading the book you got us (cool!), that is another way
    to learn. I also am not good with houseplants and can also recommend
    succulents, I have had one for seven years now and not killed it, amazing
    for me! also Christmas cactus are pretty indestructable I have had two for
    two years. they are a bit drab in summer but a welcome bloom in winter. x

  9. Francoise Pitre

    Nice video Nikki!! like always… we share something together …I’m not
    very good with plants…but bamboo plants maybe will survive
    hahahah!!! 😉 

  10. nwdrip

    Loved the video and your office. It’s gorgeous. You did an amazing job with
    it. I paused the video several times just to take it all in! I’d love to
    know what color you used on the walls. I’m also going to try turning my
    desk tomorrow 🙂 thx for the video. 

  11. Busy Mama

    These are good tips, but the colors should also align with where the office
    is located in the home, according to a bagua map. If you google feng shui +
    bagua, you will see how the home is divided into different areas (ie.
    health, family, knowledge, career, prosperity, creativity, etc) Depending
    where the home office is located in the house, certain colors and objects
    will energize or neutralize the chi for that area. That doesn’t mean you
    need to paint red walls if your office is located in fame/reputation area
    for example (facing South) which is associated with fire and the color red,
    but certain red items in the room would help activate that energy. 

  12. Chayne Gotte

    Greetings from South Africa.
    Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. I have been enjoying
    catching up on all your previous ones on both your channels.

  13. Val H.

    Thanks for your video, Nikki, you touched on some excellent points. I read
    up on Feng Shui for about ten years. I have not done very much in our
    rented home, but you have inspired me. , to get going again. I am familiar
    with the Pa Kua Charts, for specific family members and rooms, etc.
    Oh, that corner, behind your desk is called a “poison arrow”, because it
    breaks up the flow of Chi. So you will need a real plant there or a mirror.
    Just saw this video, so thanks again, hugs, Val. 

  14. Jan Robertson

    I have a problem keeping plants alive as well. Maybe I will try succulents
    as well. I love plants but I kill them every time!


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