25 thoughts on “3 Easy Home Office/Room DIYs + TOUR! | DIY & INTERIOR

  1. Marcella Alexzandra

    Seems like I comment on how beautiful Shirley is on every video I watch of
    hers but I can’t help it, the woman is drop dead gorgeous with and without

  2. MyMirrorMirrorTV

    Shirley!!!!!! You literally have my dream office space, I’m saving this
    video to refer back to when I do a salon office, thank you love xxx

  3. Roisin Thora

    Your office is perfect! I feel like if I had an office like that I would
    just be better at life. Lol! Serious room goals!

    Any new YouTubers out there? I started my channel a year ago, always
    looking for new people to watch 🙂 

  4. Lisa Baggy

    Great DIYs, will definitely be doing some of these myself. I love that you
    shop at Wilkos, I’m in there all the time :D

  5. tsahai1085

    Shirley, you’re the best!! Absolutely love this room, dream room, so simple
    but yet chic. Love your videos, more DIY’s!! :-)

  6. Ely D'Alva

    it’s always good to watch your videos Shirley! happy new year!!!! I
    couldn’t wait for your 1st 2015 vid lol I see you love to dance too and I
    ask myself how can someone be soo pretty, intelligent, elegant and funny at
    the same time? only you Shirley that’s why I love you thanks for sharing
    your DIY ideas they really nice and your studio room is set up amazingly
    more please xoxo

  7. Rayhanna bella

    Hi Shirley..happy new year and fab vidz..Are you full time youtuber now?
    and would like to know your input about this industry..Thanks and always
    much love 4 ya…xx

  8. GogoPandamonium

    Wow, it looks like a completely different room! It looks so much more
    spacious than it was when it was a bedroom

    The chair is amazing ^_^


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