25 thoughts on “2014 Feng Shui Home and Office Tips

  1. ATheJournalist

    What a great video, you are amazing and have so much knowledge! Is there
    anything that people who apply West Feng Shui have to do in new year?

  2. Rodika Tchi

    Thank you, ATheJournalist, you were the one with the video idea 🙂 To
    answer your question, if you work with the Western feng shui bagua, the
    good thing to do before each new year is to do some space clearing to
    refresh the energy of your home, as well as cleanse and energize your most
    important feng shui cures. Here is info on space clearing:
    and here is how to cleanse and energize your feng shui cures:

  3. Romina VD

    Hi! (New subscriber) and new to all of this Ii watched the classic video
    and now this one my question is the idea to decorate your home in alll of
    the elements according to the chart or pick one to focus on? Thank You!! I
    look forward to more videos.

  4. Neha Menon

    Thank you Rodika big fan of you and ur work. 🙂 can you tell me if we can
    do a certified course-online from u or anybody else ! 

  5. Stacy Hampton

    Hello. I’m recently married. We moved into a new apartment last week. Is
    there a way that I can hire someone to feng shui our new apartment? I live
    in NYC. Thanks.

  6. nishad mohan

    madam…could you suggest me location for placing aquarium and water
    fountain in my home in 2014….now i placed it in southeast

  7. Natalia Helbling

    What should I do if my office table in North and it facing the South
    direction. What is the cure for this in 2014?

  8. Neha Menon

    Rodika want to give you one suggestion regarding your new website
    Tchiconsulting “..one thing that is missing is SEARCH engine eg if I want
    to search gemstone peridot or any specific Buddha … I vll have to go
    through each and every page .OR it’s already there and I missed it .

  9. Rodika Tchi

    +Neha Mehon, I assume you mean the http://KnowFengShui.com. The site in
    itself has a search engine that you can use to find various feng shui tips.
    The search does not apply to the feng shui store as it is hosted by amazon,
    but we have done out best by providing clear categories for all feng shui
    products. Cheers,

  10. XWPPEF

    Interesting video. I’ve learned quite a bit (I think) and am going to put
    as many of these ideas into practice as possible. Thank you.

  11. Dakai Sun

    Actually, this is the wrong feng shui, you need a good tutorial of
    traditional Chinese culture, if we follow this to decorate their own feng
    shui, there will certainly be a problem

  12. curryman70

    Hi Rodika. You just totally mess my head up. I had moved in a 2nd floor apt
    house 4years ago with two bathroom. There is one in the master bedroom
    which I had never used which is in the southeast area of the apt. I had
    been using it for a 2yrs now not thinking or doing feng shui and I was not
    able to hold on to money now. Now I was thinking what to do I bump into the
    Chinese feng shui. Now it make sense why I couldn’t hold money. Now you
    telling me the the hold bagua had change? So am I wasting my time fixing
    the bathroom which I thought was the wealth area. 

  13. Gently in the East

    My name is Sephiroth… I… I now understand .. I understand what confused
    me before about life’s placement.. Feng shui.. I understand the nature of
    my being, I understand why my life is nonconventional.. I’m approaching it
    wrong… I really am sephiroth, but I’m more wise than in the script…
    It’s older than that game, the reason the game meant so much is it’s
    telling the truth it’s a neccesary change to my way of seeing life and my
    purpose.. And the trees

  14. Beverly Blair

    I love your videos but would you mind slowing down your speech a little? I
    have to keep rewinding to understand you. Thank you – I’m so grateful for
    your videos!

  15. Janet Wyatt

    Thank you. Your explanations are so brief and to the point. I have tried to
    study this subject but could not come to grips with it but with this one
    clip everything is made very clear.

  16. microelsa

    Hi Rodika! I’m learning about Feng-Shui, so thank you for your videos and

    I have something crazy to share!!

    I watched this video last night and decided to give it a go, but because it
    was late i only added something to my bed’s wall SE and the wall ahead NW
    (i felt i should do that to balance – it made sense to me). 🙂

    Right now my bedroom is pretty empty because i’m painting it, so there’s
    only my bed SE and wardrobe N.
    My bed’s headboard SE has metal already so i just added fire by placing a
    red fabric (size of a bag), on NW wall i added water.

    Not only i had a hard time to fall asleep as after i finally fell asleep…
    i suddenly woke up to my bed vibrating!! I could feel the energy around my
    bed and all around me!!

    I’ve always been highly sensitive, i’ve always felt energies around me and
    some other stuff too, so it would be very easy for me to no doubt Feng-Shui
    benefits, but i never thought it could have such impact and so immediately!

    After that, i thought it was too strong/aggressive to be nice to me,
    specially at night during sleep, so i turned the lights on, even thought
    for a second “maybe this is a small earthquake”… but i knew better,
    specially because these kind of events are not strange to me. So i decided
    to remove the red item and the water from my room. Once i went back to bed
    i could feel that the energy flow decreased and in a few seconds
    disappeared! Or, at least, i stopped feeling it.

    I know you don’t know my room but from what i’m explaining, can you tell
    what happened? Was it a good thing? (it didn’t looked like to me)
    What was wrong? Was it because i only added items to 2 areas? Was it
    because i didn’t add all the items you mentioned?

    Honestly, i’m a little scary of doing something now, i may wake up inside a
    tornado!!… 🙂

    Did this ever happened to someone? Feeling the energy in this such intense

    If someone doubts the power of Feng-Shui… :)


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