25 thoughts on “10 HOW TO PRANKS For Home and Office 2

  1. MegaFoxboy

    The keys,
    only work for forgetfiul people,weak minds, and the elderly.
    Not, I mean absolutely NOT for gamers.
    Like we know all the keys BY HEART!
    I typed this without looking at the keyboard btw 😛
    *there’s something to use when you see a “how tough are ya*

  2. The Mafro Mafia

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  3. Secret User


  4. kksuperdog1

    The keyboard key prank wouldnt work in an office considering that anyone
    who works in an office should know how to type without looking down at they

  5. Jason Staques

    Good pranks. The “Dry Erase Board” prank cleans up easily with normal
    Windex™ window cleaner. Worked good for my big screen when a toddler
    decided to draw on it with a sharpie 🙂 Pranks were funny:)

  6. Maurice Moss

    But those pins will not only pop the balloons, but go through the cloth
    into you. Just use the balloons on their own


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